How Often Should You Clean Your House?

November 22, 2022

We all follow a different pattern when it comes to cleaning our houses, whether you want to deep clean once a week without tidying in between or whether you prefer to tidy every day and deep clean once a month. There is no single answer to the question of “how often should you clean your house,” as each room, surface, appliance, and piece of furniture will require a varied frequency of cleaning depending on how frequently and for what purpose it is used. However, there are some guidelines to take into account, if only for the benefit of your health. Here is how frequently you should clean your house so you can decide what to clean and when:


You should clean your kitchen countertops and other surfaces every day. Kitchens are breeding grounds for bacteria, which can be harmful while making food for your family. Be careful to clean places in your kitchen with sanitising and killing chemicals at least once every day to lessen the risk of consuming bacteria and prevent buildup. Kitchen worktops, dining tables, and the kitchen sink are among the areas to pay attention to. To do this, you might want to think about using a broad all-purpose cleaning spray to sanitise and stop germs from growing. Doing so will dramatically restrict the spread of bacteria, while preventing flies from being drawn to leftover food on surfaces.

Every few days

Bathroom sink sees a lot of use, from using soap and toothpaste to applying makeup and hair products, so it benefits from a semi-weekly clean down. Keep cleaning wipes on hand in your bathroom for quick and simple sink cleansing. Cleaning the sink, faucet, and handles will eliminate germs and bacteria and leave this often used area spotless. Set a 10-minute timer on your phone and clean up any areas where shoes or clothing accumulate, such as entryways, desk tops, or clothing chairs. You will be surprised at how quickly these areas can be organized, and by giving them a little attention every few days, you can minimize clutter.


Unless you have pets, or live somewhere that picks a lot of dust, you only need to vacuum your carpets and floors once a week. Even if your floor needs scrubbing, vacuuming loose particles is still more effective than sweeping. That is why you should buy vacuum cleaners that have great suction power, an ergonomic design, and are incredibly efficient and convenient to use from start to finish. Also, bathrooms are more prone to collect humidity, which leads to the growth of mould on shower curtains, grout, and tile. You should scrub the tub and shower and disinfect the sink and toilet in your bathroom at the very least once a week. If you cannot do it yourself, think about hiring CleanFlorida to help out.

A few times a year

Giving away outdated clothing and getting rid of any expired food might help you take stock of your possessions before a new season. Cleaning cupboards and closets ensures that unwanted bugs will not contaminate clothing, spoil food, or leave latent dust behind. Oven cleanliness can impact food quality, cooking efficiency, and fire risk. Every three months or so, or more regularly if you use your oven a lot for baking and cooking, is about how often it is advised for cleaning it.


Your annual spring cleaning list would be incomplete without curtains. Over time, dust can build up on curtain fabric. Spring cleaning will brighten them up with a good laundering. For best results, schedule your semi-annual window cleaning together with your curtain cleaning. To eliminate mildew and food splatter, wash curtains as necessary if they are in areas where they are exposed to more than simply typical home dust, such as a bathroom or next to a cooking area. Because they are frequently left unattended, light fixtures can amass dust and cobwebs. Your lights can be given a new lease on life with a yearly cleaning. Clean out the fixtures with a long-handled duster, and while you are at it, change any blown bulbs. Use this time to test, dust, and change batteries in smoke detectors while you are up there.

Finally, daily cleaning will be much easier if you immediately put things away and clean surfaces after use. Stress related to scheduling is reduced by creating a checklist such as the one above and designating a certain time for weekly cleaning.

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