Caring for an elderly parent – what you should know

September 13, 2018

No loving and dutiful child would ever want to be lackadaisical about his/her parent care. Taking care of one’s elderly parents is a right and highest calling in most people’s lives. And every doting and responsible son and daughter would want to provide for their parents in the best way possible. However, when it comes to charting out an elder care regime for your parents, you need to get a tad bit practical than emotional. It’s true that you want to be with then 24/7 and offer them the best care. But you need to plan it out based on your capacity and the resources available.

Things you need to know

 All set to plan for your elderly parent care? Know these essential factors about elder parent care.

  1. Know if it’s a smart call to quit your job

There’s no point in burning the bridge if you’re not sure about the consequences. You sure do want to stay with your parents round the clock. But elderly care would also mean incurring the necessary medical and daily expenses. Do you have ample savings to support you when you quit your job? Also, are you sure that your costs won’t increase as days pass by? So, think twice before leaving your work.

2.Don’t be judgmental about senior assisted living communities

Don’t let a few unfavorable news reports on the nursing homes color your notion about senior assisted living communities. Today, there are better options available that you can opt-in. It’s even more pertinent if you have to stay in a different country or city for your work. You can’t afford a living space for your parents if all you have a paying guest or single flat accommodation.

Hence, saying yes to senior living assistance communities is a smart call. And these communities are equipped to take care of senior citizens professionally and holistically. If one of your parents has borderline dementia or any other mental issues, you can include memory care services in your preferred list of services. Also, you should accurately research before you opt in for one.

3.Create your elderly care budget on a monthly basis

Of course, you want to give your parents the best care you can afford. And making a budget doesn’t mean cutting short from this best care you wish to provide. Instead, it is about knowing what your necessary expenses are and how you can optimize your savings for the same. For instance, if you can replace a day-care staff by investing in an expert physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist, then that’s a smart call. When you have a budget list, your decisions come easy.

4.Never substitute personal touch with medical staff

Medical staff and therapists are here to take care of your parents as and when the need arises. When your parents grow older, they crave your presence more. So make sure, regardless of all your personal and professional agendas, you spend quality time with your parents without fail. It will help them stay happy for as long as they live.

When it’s your aging parents that you need to take care of, there are plenty of things you should consider. However, you could start with these four basic pointers and expand as you keep planning forward.

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