How To Choose A Best Man For Your Destination Wedding

September 13, 2018

Picking a best man to give the best man speech for a wedding is very important, but understated. This is because wedding preparation is often centered on the bride. She is particular about her hair, dress, shoes, venue, and bridesmaids, forgetting the groom.

Choosing groomsmen for a non-destination wedding is a task, as there are lots of people and feelings to mind. But picking destination wedding groomsmen comes with lot more things to consider and parameters to cover. You should tick every box, including preparing a great best man speech, to have a hitch-free wedding. Check for best man speech ideas here for some help.

It is as important as choosing one of the Nashville wedding venues for the destination wedding. One of which is their financial buoyancy. He should be financially solvent enough to afford a destination wedding trip overseas. This is because he is not only giving your best man speech, but easing you of the associated financial burden of his trip.

Another factor is his availability for your best man speech destination wedding. Can he take time off work? Is he allowed to travel that far? Does he have events coming up in the same period? Does he have personal or family challenge that may hold him back? These and more are some pertinent questions and angles to ask and consider before picking groomsmen for our destination wedding.

Wedding forward checked all these and came up with the best guide to help you on will you be my best man ideas plan. Follow up!


  • Include your bride’s family

Most brides want their brothers as part of the groomsmen at their wedding. When you are picking a best man who would give your best man speech, ask your fiancée if she wants her brother as one. It will douse a lot of disagreement, bad blood, and tension.

  • Match the numbers

Your fiancée may have the number of girls she wants for her maid of honor duties and bridal train. It is nice if your destination wedding groomsmen are the same number, for accurate pairing. In this situation, you can use all your brothers if there’s more than enough slots.

  • The best man wins

Your best man apart from giving your speech is responsible for keeping and presenting the rings, holding down the party and after party runarounds. Only a person who is reliable and capable of handling pressure should get the job. Only someone whose friendship and loyalty you can prove will be the best man for the job. The day is busy enough, you need trusted hands as your destination wedding groomsmen.

  • Are they available?

Best man speech destination wedding is only possible if your best man is fully available. A number of factors may hinder their presence or full concentration during the wedding. The most common being finance. Let them know that it’s okay if they cannot afford it. Having a subsidized plan for them is beautiful too, but if you are on a tight budget, do not feel too bad.

Some of them may be able to afford it but have a personal or family challenge, which may keep them distracted at the wedding. Others may not get a permit to take time off work for your wedding. It’s still fine. Let them know it’s ok. Do not fail to get souvenirs from your trip for the groomsmen who could not make it.

Who Can Be Your Best Man

At your wedding, the best man has lots of responsibilities. For this reason, he should be in total control of himself for a hitch-free wedding. A lot of money went into preparation for your destination wedding. You don’t need any form of catastrophe because someone was not doing his job of looking out for you.

In picking a best man for your destination wedding, consider these important factors, before even considering his financial stability:

  • Your best man must be a person of integrity. He must be someone you can trust with your finances and planning, without having to double-check facts. Else he leaves you in more debts than you can pay.
  • Your best man must be punctual as a matter of habit. If he is someone you have to always wait for, he will ruin your day. Your best man will pick the suits/tuxes, make sure you and the other groomsmen dress on time, gets you to the venue on time and always on the go when needed. Only a man who values time can fit in this role.
  • Your best man must respect and be in good terms with your wife. This is not about the boy gang this time, but one of your bride’s best days. If he is cordial with everyone, but has no regards for your wife or throws jabs at her, making her uncomfortable, he is not the one.
  • Coordination is key for a great best man. His ability to decide and handle pressure is another vital strength he must have. This is important for when you all need to make critical decisions. He is smart and always has a plan B ready for when anything fails or does not go as planned. He handles a lot that you the groom may not get to see, because he does not bother you with every hitch. He’s the backstage man that makes sure everything goes smoothly.
  • He has a great sense of humor and can make everyone laugh, even under stress. Such a man will make a great best man for your destination wedding.
  • Your best man should be the sober ones among the guys. He has a lot of self-control and knows when your bride wants you to call it a night. He drags you out of the show. If he is the one that keeps insisting you could stay a little longer, he’s not the ideal beat man.
  • To conclude, your best man is your confidant. If you can talk to him about your deepest fear even when you’re in panic mode and he proffers a solution or calm’s you down. He is the man!
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