Luxury Travel For Your Wedding In The Dominican Republic

November 15, 2016

If you are a bride who is looking forward to a destination wedding in the Dominican Republic, you want to make sure your cherished guests can make it to the ceremony and reception in style and comfort.

Think about it: you have chosen a resort and settled on the venue of your dreams. You have sent out the invitations, finalized the guest list, and made all the necessary catering arrangements. Your honored guests have graciously set aside their personal lives to attend your special event and you want everything to go as scheduled.

However, although your guests have been provided with the address to the resort, a thoughtful host should organize the party’s arrival, check-in, and departure to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Besides overseeing the many other stressful wedding planning tasks, you will need to adequately coordinate the routes and scheduling of your party’s arrival with reliable and safe transportation in a country you may not be familiar with.

Where Do You Start?

Planning the logistics of your destination wedding requires forethought and careful planning. Some of the considerations you will need to include in your plans are:

  • Travel from the airport to guest accommodations (resort, villa, hotel)
  • Travel from their accommodations to the wedding venue (beach, private hall, resort)
  • Travel to and from bachelor/bachelorette party venue (restaurant, dance club)
  • Return travel from the wedding venue to the guest accommodations
  • Return travel from the guest accommodations to airport

Coordinating the vehicle rentals, insurance coverage, routes, and scheduling for the transport of your guests is both costly and time-consuming. Finding the optimum routes to and from the airport venues in an unfamiliar country could prove to be a much greater challenge than you expect.

A local taxi company may be unreliable or unavailable due to high demand. Public transit in the Dominican Republic, although expanding, can suffer from delays due to mechanical malfunctions, passenger disturbances, or poor road conditions. They are not ideal transportation for wedding guests who have traveled a great distance to celebrate your nuptials.

Any errors in your planning can have drastic implications for your guests and yourself, adding frustration to an experience that should be festive and relaxing. Entrusting the logistics of guest transportation to someone who is experienced and familiar with your destination is the best way to ensure your wedding party are well provided for.

Why Choose Transekur?

Transekur specializes in providing transportation services in the Dominican Republic. From the moment your wedding party arrives at Punta Cana Airport, your cherished guests will be their number one priority.

Whether you prefer a luxury sedan, a minibus, or a classy SUV for your special occasion, they will reserve the appropriate number and style of vehicles to accommodate your party and ensure they are fully loaded with cold beverages for your guests. Attended by our experienced, personable drivers, they can travel through one of the Caribbean’s most enchanting and popular wedding destinations. It is an experience they will never forget!

Your guests will thank you for your care and thoughtfulness in reserving the Dominican Republic’s premiere transportation service.

Are All Travel Arrangements Included?

The short answer: yes! Whether you and your group are travelling to a hotel, beach, resort, or restaurant, Transekur has got you covered. Here are a few other benefits included in their services: 

  • Insured rental vehicles in excellent driving condition
  • Impeccable driving safety record
  • Round-trip pick-up from any domestic or international airport to venues across Dominican Republic (Punta Cana, Cibao, Arroyo, Constanza, Cabo Rojo, Angelina, and Jimani)
  • Luxury vehicles of various sizes and seating capacity
  • Privacy for you and your guests
  • Dedicated drivers with experience and knowledge of optimum travel routes
  • 24-hour driver availability for day or night excursions
  • Beverages for guests
  • Wi-Fi available for all vehicle rentals

As the industry leader for premium transportation service in the Dominican Republic, they take pride in providing exceptional service for your wedding at every step. Operating from locations in Santo Domingo and Punta Cana, they cover all of the major hotels and resorts throughout the island.

Have The Wedding Of Your Dreams Without Worry

Transekur’s many experienced, well-groomed, and bilingual drivers will ensure your guests arrive at their destination ready to enjoy and celebrate your special day with you. You will not have to worry about calling taxis or worrying whether or not your family made it to the airport on time. You and your guests will feel pampered and at ease with comfortable, leather interior, tinted windows for added privacy, and the promise that they will get you where you need to go.

Booking requests for our vehicles are quickly growing, so do not wait any longer. Let Transekur help make your destination wedding the celebration of a lifetime. Contact them now and start planning your luxury transportation!

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