How are custom orthotic insoles & shoe inserts helping people with feet problem walk freely?

September 16, 2018

Our feet are the foundation of your body, but we rarely pay attention to them unless they are hurting or swollen. Sometimes, our feet demand a little care and pampering. Shoving them inside designer high heels or cheap slip-on is not enough. They can require special attention for the high arches, low arches, bunions, and plantar fasciitis. Many consider surgery for similar problems and incessant pain they face from wearing improper shoes or from congenital conditions. However, the advancement of technology has provided multiple orthotics options that can provide the relief your feet need.

Custom orthotics are better than the over-the-counter solutions you can buy from shops and medical stores. Check out for finding the perfect solution to your foot pain and other problems. Here are a few reasons you should give custom orthotics and shoe inserts a thought.

1. They are perfect in size

You need to give your feet measurements to the designers. Each human being has slight differences between their left and right foot. Customization of orthotics gives you the chance to provide the personal care your feet need after a long day’s haul. Each foot gets just enough support and care to reduce the pain and discomfort.

2.Better support

Did you know? Each foot has over 100 muscles and 26 bones. It is a complex structure that needs firm support. Customization of orthotics helps with the full-contact resting that your feet deserve. When your feet get the best support, they also experience reduced pain. Customized inserts can address specific issues.

3.Corrected pronation

The collapsed arches allow the ankles to roll inward while walking or running. Overpronation causes excess stress on the ankle, calves, knee joints and increases the chances of shin splints. It is common in people with flat feet. The use of personalized shoe inserts and orthodontics can reduce the overpronation and the stress on the knee joints. Using motion control shoes along with the orthotics can correct the pronation.

4.Corrected supination

Highly arched feet can cause supination. Although it is physiologically opposite to overpronation, supination can cause the ankles to lean outward. It increases the pressure on your hips, knees and lowers back. Sometimes, one foot can have a higher arch. So getting generic shoe insets is not enough to provide complete support. Customization allows you to experience the total support for the higher than average arches and correct the position automatically.

5.Solving multiple problems at one shot

The shoe inserts can support various issues if they have the right fit and design. However, finding the perfect fit is challenging when you are shopping online or at retail stores. Each person has specific needs, and a combination of such unique necessities can make finding the perfect orthotics or shoe insets almost impossible at retail stores. Customized orthotics give you the chance to address multiple foot issues in one go due to better fit.

Unlike a couple of years ago, when customization was only for the rich and famous, you can now buy customized orthotics and shoe inserts without burning through your savings. They are pocket-friendly and non-invasive solutions to your foot pain, strain, neuroma, and other problems.

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