Do you want to party? 12 reasons to celebrate and be merry

September 16, 2018

Everyone wants to have a great life filled with laughter and fun! The phrases like “Drink life to the lees”, “Enjoying life to the hilt”, and “Every day’s a party” has its takers for sure. And these people aren’t the ones who are incredibly wealthy with zero tension and struggle in life! Instead, they are people like you and me who love to look at life like one grand party.  For them partying doesn’t need to have a set reason or day in the calendar. Other than the usual birthdays and anniversaries and occasions like Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, you can party whenever you want to round the year.

Are you wondering about reasons to celebrate other than the common causes and occasions? If yes, then refer to these set of twelve quirky, exciting and unconventional ideas for you to celebrate a party.

  1. You want a birthday week or month

Celebrating your birth-date is something that everybody does. If you’re going to extend your celebrations, why not plan for a birthday week or month. You can have a pre-birthday, birthday and also a post-birthday celebration. Are you pressed for budget and yet want to have fun? If yes, then don’t have to make the celebrations elaborate. You can make use of lunch-meets and sleep-offs and add the party element to it for your chosen friend circle.

2.Because you want to care for your close friends

We always take our close friends for granted. It’s time to let them know that you care. What better way to do it than throwing a night-stay party and thanking them for their love! You get customised cakes and accessories celebrating the day.

3.It’s home-coming time

Is there anyone in your family who had relocated previously and is coming back finally? If yes, then this indeed calls for a homecoming party time. Keep your party caps and whistles ready.

4.You love to party once a month

There have been no birthdays, anniversaries or any meet-ups this month? And this makes you miss your party scene? If yes, then you can plan and throw a party because you just wanted to be with your best friends, enjoy good music, dancing and tasty food altogether. You can get in touch with celebratejustright for all your special party needs.

5.You met someone new in your life

Often the people we meet suddenly, inspire us in different ways. And even though we want to celebrate, sometimes we get all reserved. It’s time to express all the happiness for meeting this special by throwing a cosy afternoon coffee and cookies party with your friends.

6.You did something important for the first time

And this can be anything! From starting your dance class, planning your solo hiking tour, creating a collection of your best movies and music and many more. If you’ve done it for the first time, celebrate it.

7.Remembering your grandparents

There’s something angelic about our grandparents. Their love is unconditional. So, if you have been thinking about your grandparents lately, plan a theme party commemorating all your grandparents stood for.

8.You gave up an addiction

Smoking or drinking or binge eating –regardless, whatever has been your addiction, if you’ve been able to give that up, that indeed calls for a celebration.

9.You’ve picked up a habit

Have you started meditation? Did you make a comeback at the theatres?  Have you turned vegan? The options can be numberless. The idea is that if you have developed a new habit that you’re proud of, then encourage yourself to keep going at it, by arranging a small party with loved ones.

10.You remembered the first time you fell in love

Chances are you aren’t living with that same person! But falling in love for the first time is both magical and awkward. It opens up new worlds within you. Don’t let this date pass by without a little celebration. Make sure you have a party.

11.You reached your desired weight

Losing weight is an ordeal for most! So, if you have reached the dream weight you have been working out for, then call for a party to celebrate it. It will help you stay focused on your goal and make you feel good about your victory.

12.Your old friends are back in town

Have your friends, and you have been the life of any party before? If yes, then once they are back in town, go all out create the best party scene ever.

Let’s express the truth! The desire to be alive and enjoying life with all its challenges and wins is the reason why people wish to celebrate. As through celebration you can always keep connected to the childlike self in you, that helps to sail through life in a fun and positive way. So, don’t wait for the world to give you reasons to party. Create your reasons and plan a party today, the way you want it!

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