Five Services To Expect From A Qualified Tree Surgeon

September 24, 2018

Just as we watch our health, trees to deserving to be well taken care of, hence the need for tree surgery services. However, in as much as tree surgery has become quite common these days, finding a qualified tree surgeon such as Yorba Linda Tree Service can be challenging. So, if you have big tree gardens, this post is definitely a good read for you.

Hiring a tree surgeon is the only way to ensure that your trees are in good health and that they stay in that perfect shape throughout their existence. Provided below are 5 important services to expect from a qualified tree surgeon:

  • Tree planting – This is the most obvious service anyone should expect from a tree surgeon. And having in mind that tree planting is not an easy thing to do, especially for first-timers, hiring a tree surgeon is a must. Truth is, there are some factors that must be considered before planting a tree. One of the most important factors to consider is getting hold of the best species in the market. And who better to make that choice than a qualified tree surgeon?
  • Tree pollarding and pruning – Pollarding is the removal of a tree’s upper branches. If you have been passionate about trees, then you know for a fact that tree pollarding helps trees produce denser branches, especially if you trim them just near the trunk. So, if you would like to control the size and maturity of the tree, then pollarding is the service you should be paying for.
  • Tree cabling and bracing – Personal injuries and damage to buildings may happen when the branches of the tree are too heavy for the tree to carry. However, the situation can be controlled through tree cabling and bracing. By using dynamic support systems like rods and flexible cables, the tree surgeon will be able to give adequate support to the trees and their weak/heavy branches. This will reduce the chances of damages or injuries.
  • Garden clearance – From basic tree felling and pruning, your garden will be filled with waste and tree chunks. Therefore, there will be an urgent need for garden clearance. If you have hired someone to fell, prune, and pollard or for any other tree trimming service, you can as well hire the same professional for the garden clearance. All the unnecessary waste will be cleared from your garden, leaving the garden clean and attractive.
  • Hedge trimming – Need to improve the state of your garden? Try hedge trimming. According to one Manchester tree surgeon, tree hedge trimming is the best service your garden could ever get. Hedge trimming is more like pruning where the surgeon will snip off thick branches and suckers and improve the overall appearance of the tree. This is certainly more of beautification services in as much as it promotes the health of the tree.

Well, those are the five basic yet important services that you should get from a tree surgeon. At the end of the day, the service and advice from tree professionals is very beneficial for and to anyone that owns trees. So, nourish your trees by hiring a qualified tree surgeon.

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