Tips On Planning A Family Holiday To Disney World

September 25, 2018

There can surely be few more magical places on the planet than Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando — it is certainly somewhere that both adults and children look forward to experiencing!

However, when you have an entire brood of little ones to manage during your stay in Florida, it is handy to have a few ‘insider tips’ in your armory to make it all a bit more manageable.

So, here is some of my own best advice for ensuring you gain only the warmest memories from your trip:

Get to grips with the FastPass+ system

You can help to avoid disappointment by making use of the FastPass+ service that is included in the price of your tickets and which enables you to reserve access to certain Walt Disney World attractions in advance.

The Walt Disney World website has a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section that should help you to quickly get acquainted with how it all works.

Pack items for the distinctive conditions of Florida

Everyone knows that Florida is hot, so you hopefully will not need me to tell you to pack the sunscreen.

However, it is also a place that can be very wet, with heavy rain showers a frequent occurrence, which is why I would also urge you to bring along rain ponchos and rain covers for the stroller.

Nor is it even just the Floridian weather that will likely leave you wet, as many of the rides can do much the same. That is why towels, a change of clothes, and a water misting fan (the latter much more affordable if you purchase it elsewhere in advance rather than at the park) should also be packed.

Familiarize yourself with Rider Switch

Rider Switch is a really useful feature that means in the event of one of your guests being unable or not wishing to board an attraction, you do not have to miss out yourself.

It works like this: one adult waits with any non-riders, while everyone else enjoys the attraction.

Then, when the other adult returns, they can take over supervising any non-riders, while the adult who has been left waiting can board the attraction without needing to wait once more in the regular line.

Again, the Walt Disney World website breaks it all down.

Stay at a Disney Hotel

This is one of the tips that I would most urge you to follow when you are booking a Walt Disney World vacation, not least because the benefits start long before you arrive at the hotel.

As soon as you disembark at the airport, all that you have to do is check in at the Disney Arrivals desk and then sit back and relax on the air-conditioned coach known as the Magical Express. Being taken straight from the airport to your hotel is something that you are certainly likely to appreciate after all of the stress of a long-haul flight with kids.

With such a wide range of reputable companies like Ocean Florida offering great deals for Disney World holidays, it is easier than you think to find the right package for you.

What are your own thoughts on how to get the most out of a vacation to this iconic theme park near Orlando? Feel free to share them in the comments section below!

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