5-steps to finding the best gifts for a teenage boy

September 25, 2018

While looking for gift ideas for a teenager, one requires more than inspiration. A person needs proper guidance, direction and possibly a set of time-tested presents to browse. Picking a gift for a 13-year-old boy was never easy. Even when pigeons were the only instant messenger people knew, finding the perfect gift was a challenge. There are several legends of kings going on crusades and princes sailing across the seven seas in search of the perfect item. We don’t have to do so, and for that, we will always have the internet to thank. 

There is always a method to every madness, even when it involves finding a gift for your son, nephew, or brother. Here are a few things we would like you to do –

1. Make a list of things they like

Ooh! Everyone loves lists especially right before birthdays and Christmas. Here you need to jot down everything the gift-receiver desires. What sports does he play? What TV series does he like? Teenagers take an interest in all kinds of stuff including music, books, movies, Hollywood classics, hair styling, clothing, and food. You can find everything a 13-year-old could ever want at ToyBuzz.

2. What colors do they like?

Teenagers experience growth spurts, and it is quite frustrating for boys to go through three or four pairs of shorts and jeans every year. You can help them out with clothes, provided you know what colors they prefer. Color and size are important aspects of buying clothes. Do not guess his likes and size before you step into the store.

3. Do you have any way of finding out their clothes’ size?

You can always ask their parents for help. Learn their garment sizes from their parents for the perfect fit. While you are on the call, do not forget to learn about his color preferences as well. Most 13-year olds have strong opinions about colors. Their exposure to popular media shapes a lot of their likes and dislikes.

4. Are you in a place to make them something?

You can always decide on making them something. You can knit a pair of mittens or a funny hat for them. These are safe gifts since they have a personal touch, and most of them have some amount of stretch. Moreover, boys of a certain age have a generic hand-size and head-size. It is easier to find or make gloves and woolen hats than buy t-shirts and jeans.

5. You can bake them something!

If it is their birthday, don’t make the faux pas of baking their birthday cake. You can bake funny cookies, cupcakes or even lasagna for them if you want. It is true that teenage boys are hungry, a lot! Getting them cookies, chocolate, snacks bars, and chips is always a good idea. Make them a goodie bag of their favorite snacks if you like. To be safe, stay away from nuts.

After going through this 5-step guide, picking out the right gift for the 13-year old boy should be a breeze. Go out there and have tons of fun being the best gift-giver of the party!

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