Different Ways To Remember Loved Ones Who Have Passed

October 28, 2022

When someone we care about passes away, we might want to honour their memory. It might be beneficial to you and others to grieve for them by selecting memorials that reflect their legacy and the principles they upheld. 

​​Keep a memento from them with you

Wearing an item that belonged to your loved one can be a simple and heartfelt memorial. You will carry their memory with you all day long, whether it is a hat, a piece of jewelry, or a piece of clothes. Or maybe you always carry something with you, like their watch or another object. 

Keep a photo close by 

A lot of people keep a tiny photo of a loved one in their wallet or bag. Others attach a tiny image to a mirror in their home or on their refrigerator. As they go about their day, this helps them remember their loved one.

Plant a tree or a flower

You could decide to plant your loved one’s favorite tree or perennial flower in their honour if you, a friend, or a family member have a garden. Especially if they had a green thumb, watching it grow and blossom each year can be a very life-affirming way to celebrate how much they meant to you. Because of their lovely blossoms and scent, rose bushes are a popular choice for memorial flowers because they provide the ideal setting for sitting and reminiscing.

Make their favorite cuisine 

Food is a great way to connect with others and a wonderful way to honor the memory of someone. Consuming the same foods that your loved one did is a potent way to connect with them and a simple method to talk about them with your family and friends. It does not matter if you learn to make their favorite holiday cuisine from scratch or just occasionally indulge in their favorite candy. Whether your loved one adored pizza or Grandma’s roasted potatoes, choose to indulge in their favourite dishes occasionally.

Create a memorial celebration for them 

Together, you can recall loved ones thanks to your mutual affection. Making a memorial website or social media account where friends, family, and acquaintances can contribute their memories of your loved one is a good place to start. You may also decide on a day each year when you invite the same folks over to honor the deceased. Or plan a hike and a moment of silence on one of their favorite trails, or raise a glass to them in a restaurant they cherished.

Have their ashes turned into a diamond or jewelry

There are ways you can get your loved ones ashes turned into jewelry now and if there is enough you can get them for set people. It is something that you can then keep with you like an ash necklace and wear always to keep them close. 

A permanent reminder of those you lost with tattoos 

Although not everyone should get a tattoo, many people do so to honor a loved one. You may get a tattoo of their image, a line from one of their favorite books, or even a personal inside joke that only you and that individual share. You should get in touch with Ladyblacktattoobali as it is an expert tattoo studio. Only premium materials and imported inks are used by them. Be imaginative! 

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