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October 28, 2022

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Have you recently joined the gym? If so, then you must be owning quite an envious collection of gym outfits. If you work out at the gym on a daily basis, then you must already be aware of the utmost importance of maintaining cleanliness of your gym wear. Gym tights, tracksuits, and workout underwear tend to absorb a lot of sweat during the workout session. The accumulation of sweat makes the clothes smell bad. When the sweat is not washed off in time, the gym clothes tend to become a breeding ground for bacteria and other germs.

Wearing smelly and sweat-stained clothes may cause skin rash and itchiness. Regular gym goers are advised to wash their gym outfits and underwear on a daily basis to maintain good hygiene. Cleaning gym clothes is easy. It does not take much time to wash and dry the tights. However, if you do not have the time to spare then you can always opt for clothes washing service in London. Hello Laundry in London offers the best and most affordable laundry services. Get your fancy and expensive gym wear cleaned in no time by hiring the professionals of nearby laundry cleaning platforms.

In case you would rather wash your gym clothes at home, then, read on to know more about the tips and techniques of cleaning gym wear on your own.

How to clean gym wear at home?

Are you ready to clean your pile of gym tights and underwear?

Follow the steps below to make your gym outfits smell fresh and look clean in no time:

  1. Turn the outfits inside out

The inner parts of gym clothes tend to absorb a lot of sweat and other body fluids. So, turn the outfits inside out for washing thoroughly.

  1. Rinse your clothes with white vinegar

White vinegar works wonders for gym wear. If your gym wear has become smelly due to excessive absorption of sweat, then all that you need to do is wash the clothes with a solution of plain white vinegar and water. Fill the sink with water and then add plain white vinegar to it in the ratio of four parts of water to one part of vinegar. Vinegar helps in eliminating the bad odour and makes the gym wear smell fresh.

  1. Check the tags and labels for instructions

Most gym clothes come with labels and tags that contain instructions for washing and cleaning the outfits. While some tags carry “hand-wash” only instructions, other labels often come with “machine-wash” instructions. Try to avoid using a washing machine for cleaning gym outfits as that might ruin the sensitive fabric of the tights and underwear. It takes only a few minutes to clean gym outfits by hand.

  1. Avoid aromatic detergent soaps

Detergent soaps that contain aromatic compounds are not recommended for rinsing gym clothes. The fragrance often clogs the fine breathable pores of the fabric thereby ruining the sweat absorption capacity of the gym clothes. Use mild and odourless detergent soaps for washing workout clothes. Such soaps preserve the fine fibres of the gym wear and ensure quick absorption of sweat during the strenuous workout sessions.

  1. Rinse the clothes in cool water

Gym wear tends to shrink in size when washed in hot or lukewarm water. So, make sure to wash the gym clothes in plain and cold tap water to prevent shrinkage of the fibres. For washing workout clothes in a washing machine, set the temperature of water to the lowest, to rinse the clothes in cold water.

  1. Exercise extra care while washing gym underwear

For washing the underwear make sure that you use mild and non-chlorinated liquid soaps. One can wash the gym underwear either by hand or in the washing machine. After rinsing the underwear in cold water, aerate them in the Sun for drying them naturally. Wash the underwear on a daily basis to prevent accumulation of sweat and body fluids.

  1.  Do not use fabric softeners

Fabric softeners and conditioners contain chemicals that may cause damage to the sensitive fabric of gym tights and underwear. It may be tempting to use conditioners and softeners to make the gym wear smell like flowers, but such harmful chemicals should be avoided at all costs. Instead, use plain white vinegar to beat bad odours.


Maintain the cleanliness of gym wear to practise good hygiene. Do not let the gym clothes sit in the laundry bag for too long after the workout session. Instead, try to wash the clothes immediately after working out to make sure that the clothes do not attract germs. Wash the gym clothes regularly to maintain the elasticity and freshness of the clothes. One may get in touch with a clothes washing service in London for cleaning gym outfits regularly at affordable prices. 

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