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June 1, 2015

I am not sure about you, but I have a box subscription obsession and when Bon Appétit Box asked me if I wanted “a taste of France in a box” I said oui immediately! Bon Appétit Box allows you to experience an authentic French gourmet dining experience without the need for your passport.

Each box is carefully curated by the husband and wife duo Bertrand and Zoé, who are both avid gourmands born and raised in the South of France. Inside your box, you will discover seven to eight delicious items. You can expect only the finest of French artisan goodies! From sweet to savory, there is definitely something for everyone. The French culture is known around the world of its passion for high quality food. The boxes also come with a collection of explanation and discovery cards, as well as a complimentary postcard, that describe the unique characteristics of each item along with their origins, craftsmen, anecdotes, and tips on how to enjoy each specialty, just as the French customarily do. The boxes themselves are a gorgeous, reusable souvenir.

You can select from the Single Bon Appétit Boxes or the Subscription Bon Appétit Boxes. If you are feeling generous, you can delight the foodies in your life with the Gift of Bon Appétit Box (single gift boxes and subscription gift boxes available).

Currently, there are three boxes to choose from:

  • The Paris Apéritif Box is the authentic Apéritif à la Parisienne, which offers a taste of Paris that transports you to the City of Lights with your first bite that includes treats such as Périgord duck rillettes.  
  • The Provence Apéritif Box is full of treats such as Croquets de Provence for that moment before dinner to relax and unwind with French delicacies native to the Provence region of France. 
  • The Goûter Box is a French tradition enjoyed from early childhood and is a mid-afternoon snack such as Figue Violette jam to get you through the 4PM slump. In France, colleagues and friends all come together to enjoy their daily Goûter.
  • The soon to be released, French Breakfast Box, with everything you need to make a perfect French “Petit-Déjeuner”: Summer pear juice, lavender honey from Provence, artisanal jam, and much more.

Since I am a vegetarian and have a major sweet tooth, I chose the Goûter box. The Goûter is an important respite for the purpose of reenergizing to be able to face the rest of the day. As a fun, refreshing custom, colleagues, lovers, and friends come together for the Goûter to relish in a moment of camaraderie and the savoring of sweet delights. This box offers you a taste of French culture, from the comfort of your own home. Whenever you find yourself needing a break from the stress of the day, take a moment to indulge in a delicious gourmet treat. Inside of the Goûter box you will find:

  • Fleur de Sel Caramels by Paris-Caramels
  • Burlingots by Kubli
  • Elephant Ears by Maison Fossier
  • Soft Nougat Bars by Chabert & Guillot
  • Mirabelles de Lorraine Jam by Favols
  • Figue Violette Jam by Favols
  • Sponge Fingers by Firmin Bouvard
  • French Pure Butter Cookies by Pierre Biscuiterie
  • Coconut-Lime Lemonade by Lorina
  • 4 Discovery Cards
  • A Complimentary Postcard

I opened my box at sunset. I was relaxing by our pool with Édith Piaf playing in the background. I found myself instantly daydreaming of France — I imagined sipping a glass of Limonade on the Quai de Seine, savoring a sea salt butter caramel at the Mont Saint-Michel, and sneaking kisses with my husband below the Eiffel Tower with the offering of a heart-shaped palmier.

Available until September 1st, all My Beautiful Adventures readers receive a $10-OFF coupon code: ANDI10. If you end up purchasing a box, please let me know what you think about it whether it is through a blog comment or via Twitter, Instagram, and/or Facebook. Bon Appétit!

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