Creative Ideas to Personalize Funeral Memorials for Families

March 6, 2020

Apart from personalized funeral memorial cards at memorial services, these are the few ways moments can be made special for those attending the service while being able to grieve the loss of loved ones. A few other ways to celebrate the life of the loved ones who passed away, apart from creating personalized memorial service cards, displaying personal belongings, and showing a video tribute are these lovely ways mentioned below. Yes, personalized funeral thank you cards for your guests are also a good way to thank them for their presence in the ceremony.

1.   Involve Friends:

One of the surest ways to be able to make the loved ones that passed away a huge part of the service, and helping them live a fulfilled life is by getting their friends to say a few personally touching words at the funeral service. Allowing some of the friends to recall a particular instant in the life of your loved ones can honor the legacy of your loved ones. Apart from a snippet of a story to share, one of the best ways to involve friends is by getting them to deliver a eulogy in their remembrance.

2.   Choosing a Meaningful Flower Arrangement:

A good way to personalize the entire memorial service is by giving it a meaningful touch through the use of impeccable flower arrangements that your loved ones appreciate more than anything else. Say for example; if your loved one enjoyed white lilies then decorating the funeral home and your after service home with white lillies could play a massive role in reminding guests of the memories they’ve all shared with this loved one.

3.   Use Favourite Clothing Pieces:

One of the simplest ways to say goodbye to your loved ones and yet celebrate the life they lived is through the use of some specific clothing items. For an open basket event, pick out the favourite clothing piece of your loved one and lay them dressed in it. It could even be a small yet significant item such as their favourite basketball team’s jersey. It is highly important that you dress your loved ones in the clothing that were meaningful to their life. Plus it does a great job of bringing back memories in the eyes of those attending the memorial service.

4.   Make Arrangements for Military Honors:

Just as in the USA, most countries have their Armed Forces and if your loved one who passed away, has been a part of the armed forces, getting the forces to give them a military honor would be an appropriate way to say goodbye. Honors that one receives are depended upon the branch of the service and the rank they hold in that branch. WIth the right kind of documentation made available, it’s possible for funeral homes to make the right arrangement for such an honor at the funeral service.

These are the few other ways that one can celebrate the life of your loved ones, bring back to mind many memories that are collectively or singularly shared with those attending the funeral service. It also reminds them of the phases of life shared with the loved ones and gives a chance to learn from the mistakes that one commits.


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