Weight Vests for Women for Fitness Training

March 6, 2020

Weighted vests are workout vests having small weights combined in them. Most of the vests sit over the chest, back, core, and shoulders like a regular undershirt a woman would wear under a suit. This probably is used while running and strengthening.

With a female weighted vest, a woman can challenge herself even further. Five kilograms extra to carry with which she builds an even better condition. And becomes even stronger! But even if she is training for a tour with packing, this is a handy tool. With the adjustable straps, she ensures the right fit. Find more gear, diet guides, and trends at Let Women Speak exclusively for women.

Benefits Of Training With A Weighted Vest

The weighted vests force a wearer to carry extra weight on her body. They make every activity; from pull-ups to walking and running a lot harder. Using ladies weighted vest can further improve cardio capacity, comprehensive strength, and muscular endurance as well.

Using a female weighted vest is like working out while carrying dumbbells, but those dumbbells are separated across the torso in a piece of attire.

Also, if a woman deconditioned or not in shape, simply having a weighted vest on the body while walking/running can be a way to foster calorie burning without cranking up the strength and intensity too much. A woman will also improve her cardiovascular endurance by carrying a weighted vest womens CrossFit while exercising. Wearing this will make cardio exercise feel more challenging-and when she trains without the vest, she will be faster and more conditioned. 

In fact, runners who do warm-up exercises by doing strides while wearing a weighted vest feel and experience the improvements in speed as well as performance during running on a treadmill.

Make Sure To Use The Best Weighted Vest For Women

While choosing the weighted vest, start small. This is solely based on the individual, but it is recommended to start off light and continue from there. The amount of weight in the vest varies from 5 pounds all the way up to 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 pounds and more. A ladies weighted vest of 5-10 pounds would be the best recommendation for both running and HIIT training.

Types Of Weight Vest Workouts

One of the most efficient weighted vest exercises for women is undeniably the core performance training. Wearing a female weighted vest while performing core workout routine reinforces the strength even more and develops power and agility. Weight vests are used while running or walking to raise caloric expenditure. It also helps in training the body muscles. For an even more rigorous full-body workout, weight vests can be used while climbing.

Whether seeking to add muscles or just want to burn extra calories, adding a ladies weighted vest to any routine is a quite effective way for women to transform the workout.

How To Pick The Best Weighted Vest For Women?

While some brands deal with one-size-fits-all and unisex vests, others provide different sizes, vests with adjustable straps to ensure the least movement while working out. Many of them allow you to remove or insert the weights to change the overall load.

Not sure what to buy? A little online exploration would be of great help

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