Best Low-Maintenance Haircuts for Active Women

November 4, 2022


The modern woman is becoming increasingly busy due to the need to multitask between family, career, and social obligations. Hence, anything that will ease the pressure on her, especially when it comes to maintenance of a stylish haircut, is always welcome. 

A busy schedule leaves little time to attend to your hairstyle in the morning. However, instead of fretting about spending too much time on your hair, choose a haircut or hairstyle you can maintain effortlessly. Most experienced hair stylists agree that long-layered and short-pixie hairstyles are some of the least troublesome to maintain. They only need washing and drying up, with some styling, when you have time. 

Medium-length haircuts have also been touted as easy to style with minimal maintenance demands. If you want a polished and immaculate look that you have no qualms flaunting daily, then the medium-length haircuts are perfect for you. On this page, we give you twenty five options of easy-to-maintain haircuts and hairstyles that can give you some inspiration. 

Best Easy-To-Maintain Haircuts for People With Curly Hair 

  1. Try out a Messy Bun

Styling up your curly hair in a hurry can be tricky. However, if you choose to go for a short unkempt haircut, then a messy bun could do since it is one of the fastest and easiest ways to do your hair and still maintain a classy look.

  1. A Side Part Looks Great on Curly Hair

You can try this style using some everyday hair products if you have larger natural curls. Ensure you have the correct hair conditioner and shampoo, besides the mousse, to apply afterward. Fix a side parting for an even enhanced volume. 

  1. A Curly Bob Might Do

You don’t need to do much with a curly bob. All you require is that blunted cut and the length to make your curls even more noticeable. This particular haircut is perfect for women who have little time to get ready for the day in the morning. The curly bob is an excellent mum haircut. 

Best Easy-To-Maintain Haircuts For Thick Hair

  1. Long and Messy layers 

 A typical layered hairstyle will always look perfect on you if you have long and thick hair. The layers might look even more exceptional if your hair is colored using the balayage technique. It gives a flawless impression of texture. 

  1. Wear A Goddess Braid

Wearing a low crown with a standard French braid is a simple procedure that should take less than10 minutes. Besides being multipurpose, it is also one of the easiest hairstyles to maintain. The goddess braid is usually easy to wear to work or school, and you can even adopt it as your typical look. 

  1. Try Out Shaggy Layers 

Would you like to take off some weight from your hair? If yes, then the shaggy layers are a good option for you. You can always air dry them, giving them a nicely messy appearance. They are a perfect choice for women who are busy and active.

  1. Rock A Textured Bob 

You can always choose a textured bob in place of a classic one. It never disappoints if done correctly. A textured bob is one of the easiest to wear, requiring just a few minutes of quick styling. You can retain it for days without feeling pressured to change it.

Best Easy-To-Maintain Haircuts For Straight Hair

  1. Straight Layered Hair

Straight layered hair is one of the easiest to maintain. Depending on what you are doing, you can decide to gather it up in a bun or let it fall free. For instance, wrapping it in a bun will be most appropriate if you are about to head to the gym or an evening run. Otherwise, you are better off letting it free. 

  1. Try a Short Bob

Whether you wear it as a layered or blunt-cut, the short bob is always one of the easiest to maintain and adorable haircuts. It looks much better when you make the ends lighter than the roots. 

  1. Fishtail Braids 

The fishtail braids present a perfect hairstyle if you are a super active woman. It is a style you can wear for days without worrying about how it looks. It usually takes quite some time to braid, but after you are done, you can be sure that the braids will stay for as long as you need them.


As an active woman, you deserve a low-maintenance haircut that consumes as little of your time as possible. Going for one that doesn’t need you to return to the salon quite often will be most suitable. There are plenty of hairstyles that you can wear within the shortest time possible and still look great, regardless of the occasion. Simple braids, ponytails, and buns are always the easiest to maintain. In less than ten minutes, you can wear a fantastic hairstyle and still manage to be ready to take your kids to school or go to work.

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