Getting Rid of Unwanted Tattoos with Laser Treatment

October 2, 2018

Tattoos are typically designed to be permanent. Although they may initially be a good idea, you might regret them later on due to reasons such as interfering with your personal life or profession. This can become a significant problem since tattoos are resilient. The body does not have a natural ability to remove the large particles of ink pigment that buried within the skin.

This means that the particles need to be broken down effectively in order for your tattoo to be removed. Laser tattoo removal provides a convenient and practical way to accomplish this task. Tattoo removal happens without damaging the skin nearby, which helps to prevent the adverse side effects that are associated with conventional tattoo removal methods.

Aspects of Laser Tattoo Removal

Treatment involves using powerful lasers that penetrate the skin. Light passes through the skin harmlessly and compels the particles of pigment to vibrate. This vibration creates heat and results in the pigment particles breaking into small pieces that the lymphatic system can remove.

Treatments vary in length and may range from minutes to hours for every treatment site. You can expect gradual results from laser tattoo removal. Tattoos tend to fade with each appointment as well as over time while the natural processes of your body occur.

Laser Benefits

There are various notable advantages of using laser treatment to get rid of tattoos. Most of these benefits are linked to the non-surgical aspect of treatment.

  • No scars – Light beams from the laser, do not disrupt the cells in your healthy skin; this means that the risk of scarring is greatly reduced with bclinic tatoo removal.
  • Removal of tattoos and fading- Laser tattoo removal helps to reduce the appearance of tattoos effectively without the long-term effects that other removal methods are known for.
  • Minimal recovery- Upon receiving later treatment to remove tattoos, you are required to keep your skin protected from ultraviolet rays or the sun for a number of days. There may be a small amount of persistent tenderness and redness but you can expect these effects to diminish a few days after treatment.
  • Removing entire or specific tattoos- Laser treatment can b used to cleanse whole regions of the body or remove certain tattoos.
  • Safety- One of the safest ways to handle tattoo removal is through laser treatment. Individuals are usually comfortable during the entire treatment process, minimal side effects arise after treatment and there is a low risk of infection.

Choosing Tattoo Removal Methods

Laser tattoo removal is an advanced solution for removing tattoos. Dermatology and skin care experts can help you determine whether laser tattoo removal is a suitable option for removing unwanted ink. A patient’s unique and specified needs are usually assessed to identify the most ideal solutions.

The length of time treatment will take and type of laser used depends on different factors:

  • How deeply the pigment is buried in your skin
  • Whether or not the tattoo was done professionally
  • Skin type
  • Color of the tattoo
  • How old the tattoos is
  • Where the tattoo has been placed on your body
  • Whether you have a small or large tattoo, number of treatments might be required. The tattoo will fade progressively after each treatment.


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