Escape The Room And See The Most Unique Things To Do In Vienna

October 11, 2018

Vienna is considered one of the most beautiful and joyful European cities. It happens partly because of a great number of fantastic cultural attractions that you can enjoy in the Austrian capital. If you do not want to follow the steps of a typical tourist and instead do something much more unique, our Vienna guide will definitely help you!

Unusual landmarks, unconventional museums, best Vienna escape rooms — they are all on our list, waiting for you to discover them.

In the Shadows of Vienna

One of the two most creepy things to see in the Austrian capital are the famous crypts in the city centre. The first of them, Kapuziner Crypt, is the more typical one. It happens to be a resting place of over 140 members of the Habsburg family — the dynasty ruling the Europe for hundreds of years. The creepiness of the crypt, however, comes from a number of skeleton sculptures placed on some of the coffins.

Parts of Habsburg family’s bodies can also be found in the second crypt worth mentioning; the one under the St. Stephen’s Cathedral (locally called Stephansdom). You can find there skeletons of over 10,000 people, mixed and piled together. The crypt is also a place where a number of Habsburg’s organs (including hearts) were placed.

Unfortunately, the Stephansdom crypt is open to the public only a few times a year, so if you really want to see it, remember to check these dates first, before buying your plane tickets to Vienna.

The Museum Fair

Although, tourists coming to Vienna are visiting mostly the art museums, the Austrian capital holds much more than that.

One of the interesting points on the Viennese map is the Clock Museum. For years, the most popular item in the collection was the great 1679 clock, which was calibrated up until the year 9999. Unfortunately, currently this unique piece is not on the display. You can still, however, enjoy looking at one of the over 1000 clocks from all around the world collected in the museum!

Another, much more controversial museum, is the Museum of Contraception and Abortion. It was established in 2003, and since then is known for telling the history of these two important topics. What tools were used to perform abortion hundreds of years ago? How contraception worked before the era of the daily pills? You can find answers to the questions on Mariahilfer Gürtel 37.

Open the Door and Escape the Room in Wien

As all European capitals, Vienna is also full of unique and interesting escape rooms. One of the recent favorites of the locals is Open the Door Escape Room Vienna; a place where you can truly escape the reality and feel like in a best movie or video game.

Open the Door includes three different rooms with a different level of difficulty. While for the beginners we truly recommend the Night at the Museum scenario, the advanced “escapers” should check especially the Dragon Cave. As the latter is quite difficult, the time to get out of this Wien escape room is not the classic one hour, but 70 minutes.

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