Is Vaping The Right Decision For You?

October 11, 2018

With tobacco smoking becoming a big issue all over the world due to its well-established health concerns, vaping has emerged as a very popular alternative. Even though not enough study has been conducted to prove the safety of vaping, it is popularly held that vaping is a healthier option. In addition, since the concept is relatively new and there are plenty of options of both e-liquids and vaping units, you need to decide for yourself whether vaping is the right decision for you or not. Some pros and cons examined that will help you to decide:

Advantages Of Vaping

  • Less Harmful To Health

Extensive studies have established the connection between smoking tobacco and many health concerns like cancers of the lung and mouth as well as cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. Inhaling the many carcinogenic and toxic chemicals in cigarettes can have a severe impact on your health, including death, for regular smokers. According to one list, there are 24 toxic chemicals in cigarettes like nicotine, arsenic, cyanide, carbon monoxide, ammonia, etc. that are extremely dangerous to health. Even though vaping liquids contain nicotine that is essential to give smokers the kick they are looking for, the liquids typically contain far fewer harmful chemicals and the flavoring agents are also FDA-approved. This is the main reason why vaping is universally considered to be a less harmful habit than smoking cigarettes. A great place to look for the perfect ecig for you is to browse the wide selection in this ecig shop.

  • Less Addictive

You can get a wide variety of e-liquids that not only have different flavors but also give you a choice of the nicotine level. You can even get e-juices that have zero-nicotine content if you are really determined to get on top of the health hazards of smoking. Some countries like Australia even have laws that make it mandatory for e-liquids not to have nicotine to prevent addiction. Many regular smokers of cigarettes who are determined to quit smoking take up vaping because it is less addictive and less harmful to health.

  • Less Harmful For Others And The Environment

Cigarette smoking is not only harmful to the smoker but also negatively impacts upon the health of those around him due to second-hand smoke. Vaping does not affect the health of people in the vicinity of the smoker as the vapor is largely moisture that is either odorless or has an aroma that is pleasant. Cigarette smoking is also bad for the environment; apart from atmospheric pollution, there is a lot of ash and litter that pollutes the earth and water resources. Many fires are also started off by smokers carelessly discarding cigarette butts. Vaporizers are a far safer option as there is no combustion involved.

  • Large Variety Of Flavors

A very big attraction of vaping is the availability of a large variety of flavors and aromas that smokers can choose according to their preferences. Most manufacturers of vape liquids offer fruit flavors like apple, citrus, cherry, strawberry, as well as popular perennial favorites like chocolate, menthol, caramel, etc. Cigarette smokers only have the option of choosing from varieties and blends of tobacco that can be quite boring in contrast to vaping. If you have never vaped, you can buy a myle starter kit and find out if you enjoy it.

  • Convenience

One of the biggest attractions of vaping is that it is extremely convenient. Unlike smoking, you do not have to light a fire or irritate people with secondhand smoke so you can use a vaporizer any time you feel like even in a public space as if you were chewing gum.

  • More Economical

One of the most compelling reasons to switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping is the sheer economy and savings that you can achieve. Basic vape units are quite cheap, and e-liquids are available at very competitive prices from a large number of online retailers. As a result, over time, you can save a lot because as every smoker knows, smoking cigarettes is a very expensive habit.

Disadvantages Of Vaping

  • Allergic Reactions

There is a large variety of flavors in vaping liquids and many of them are naturally derived from fruits, nuts, and other organic sources. If you are allergic to certain substances and chemicals that are present in them, you could have a similar allergic reaction if you vape liquids with these extracts. You may also be allergic to the base material of the e-liquid, which is either Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin so you need to identify the one you are not allergic to and buy only juices made with it.

  • Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is a condition that is experienced by all smokers including those who vape. The simple solution to this is to drink more water and stay adequately hydrated.

  • Dizziness

The nicotine content in both tobacco and e-liquids used in vaping can cause dizziness when inhaled in large doses because it is a strong stimulant. If you feel dizzy after vaping, it could be because you are using a juice that is too strong or because you are inhaling too much. The best solution is to opt for a liquid with less nicotine and decrease your vaping.

  • Safety

Like any other electronic device, vaping units must be fitted with the right type of batteries because there have been incidents in the past when the units have exploded and seriously injured smokers. Rechargeable batteries must be recharged with care to prevent unnecessary fire safety issues.

  • Difficulty In Finding A Juice That Suits You

As there is a very large variety of e-liquids used for vaping, you may have to experiment quite a lot before you find one that you like in terms of both the flavor and the strength. Since preferences are always subjective and extremely personal, you will need to find the right one for you as what is liked by others may not work for you.


Even if there is no body of evidence that conclusively establishes the extent of the hazard of vaping, it is quite evident that vaping can be a very good alternative for those who are trying to quit smoking cigarettes for a healthier lifestyle or opting for a habit that is environmentally friendlier.

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