Common Pitfalls In Purchasing Vape Liquid

June 22, 2020

Vaping is a widely-accepted recreation practice. It has become a trend majorly amongst the youth in the last decade. The vape reduces all the hassle that comes with smoking and provides a way better pleasure that lasts for a much longer time than a cigarette. Vapes are required to be refilled with a liquid periodically that is responsible for the vapor and flavor.

Since vaping has become so popular, it becomes essential to acknowledge certain nuances that come with the refilling liquid. The e-liquid can alter your vaping experience massively. Hence, the right choice for liquid is vital:

Harmful Constituents

It is of no wonder to anyone that vaping and smoking inflicts certain harm on the user’s body. The government has been issuing a plethora of advertisements to prevent reckless and irresponsible use of the same. The constituent that everyone is majorly concerned with is called nicotine.

The vaping industry has emerged meteorically in the last decade. Hence, there are a number of e-liquids available in the market with varying nicotine content. It is strongly advised to use the liquid with a nicotine level that comforts you the most. Do not inflict irrevocable harm on your health for such momentary pleasure.

Government Implications

As mentioned earlier, governments of a number of nations are concerned with the sale and use of cigarettes and vapes. Some nations have gone to the extent of even banning outrageously harmful e-cigarettes in their country. Moreover, there are huge tax implications for vaping.

Thus, the user becomes incumbent to stay vigilant of all such implications of the government of the country he is using the vape in. Breaching any such laws incur a massive penalty with captivity in some nations. The liquid that you use should be rightfully sold in that particular area with government approval. Do not be frivolous and use any smuggled product. It should be of utmost concern to be responsible for your pleasure in order to become a good citizen of the nation.

Unreasonable Cost

It has been mentioned earlier that vaping has become a trend among the youth. Taking away all the hassles with smoking, vaping has become the answer to long-lasted discomfort of keeping a stock of cigarettes and lighters. However, the vaping liquid does incur a constant expense on the user.

Since it is a fascination for people, liquids with unreasonable price tags are available in the market. People are even buying such juices in their fetish and lack of knowledge. You should buy the liquid that caters to your needs at a decent price. Puff Plus Bar cost is reasonable and easily affordable for most people.

Uncommon Flavors

The wide range of flavors that vapes come with makes it the cynosure for the mass. Flavored cigarettes could not compete with the vape flavors due to the plethora of nuances and slight variations. Due to the unrealistic number of flavors available, there are certain low-quality vape liquids labeled with outrageous flavors to attract the crowd.

It would be suggested to use flavors that are not queer if you are not much experienced. Flavors do constitute a big chunk of vaping experience, but the right balance between vapor and flavor in the liquid is widely appreciated. Moreover, the acceptance of any flavor varies with the region you are using the vape in. It is fine to explore flavors from various areas, but you should resort to the one readily available in your region and least harmful.  

Correct PG:VG

PG and VG provide the scientific aspects of vape liquid. PG stands for Propylene Glycol, and VG stands for Vegetable Glycerol. The former is responsible for the flavor of the vape and has very little to do with the vapor it produces. However, VG meddles with the flavor due to its own sweet taste and produces good vapor.

This ratio majorly determines the vapor and flavor of vape, which, in turn, constitutes the whole vaping experience. The correct ratio between PG and VG would take your vaping experience to a whole another level of pleasure and comfort. The most widely accepted ratio between PG and VG is 40:60. It would be suggested to check this ratio before buying any e-liquid.

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