Five Things To Keep In Mind About Vaping And Traveling

October 17, 2019

There are many things you should consider when you are thinking about traveling with your vape. We are going to talk about the top five things that you should be aware of and keep in mind when traveling with your vape:

1. Airline and Airport Vaping Policies 

You will always want to check with the airline that you are flying with to see what their policies and rules are regarding any type of vape. It is important to ask if you can carry them in the carry-on bag. You will likely be able to carry them on the plane, because they have batteries. You have to put the batteries in the carry-on whether or not the vape is in there. 

2. Luggage Battery Ban 

There is a worldwide ban for transporting vapes in checked luggage. This is due to the concern that batteries can be a hazard. This act will no longer allow vapes to be in the cargo hold of the airline’s aircraft. It is best to put any batteries and vapes in your carry-on bag, so that you have them and so you do not get into trouble. 

3. Vaping Laws 

If you are leaving the general area, the vaping laws may differ from the ones at home. There are different rules and regulations regarding vapes. Many places are tolerant and accept vaping, however, there are different restrictions. For example, e-liquids are regulated and restricted as to what is in them. Certain places allow nicotine and some do not Some allow marijuana and some do not For e-liquid visit Daily Dose E-Liquid Flavors.

Each country is different as well. Different laws are circulating around the vape everywhere you go. Some places you may not be allowed to possess e-liquids and others would allow you to vape. It depends where you are going but you should always check the rules and laws surrounding vaping. 

So far, there are only three countries where vaping is illegal: United Arab Emirates, Singapore, and Thailand. If you are going to any of these three places, your best bet is to leave your vape at home and not using it. 

4. Where Can You Vape?

Some places allow you to vape in public and even public establishments such as a restaurant. However, some places do not. Vaping is under the smoking laws. This generally means you are not allowed to vape inside public places or anywhere where smoking is prohibited. This also means you would have to go to designated smoking areas to use your vape. 

5. Find Local Locations 

When you are on vacation or traveling at all you want to be sure that you can get what you need. Whether you need a new bottle of e-liquid or other supplies, always look up places where you can go before you go on your trip. This makes it less of a hassle when you arrive at your destination. It is always easier to find something before you go on a trip than to frantically run around town to find it while you are there. 

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