Making The Most Of Your Time: Five Awesome Things To Be Doing During Your Lunch Break

October 17, 2019

The clock is rarely on our side and no one ever has enough time to get everything done. However, there are lots of useful, fun activities that can be accomplished during lunch. A recent study showed that three out of four people do not take a lunch break. The main reason is they think it will be more productive not to take lunch. The opposite is really true.

Think About Your Health

Individuals need a break after sitting at a desk working all morning. The body needs to be fueled and hydrated. Further, skipping lunch slows the metabolism and you will be sluggish for the rest of the day. If nothing else, grab some snacks with your coffee and take a leisurely walk. Getting outside in the sun is good for you and keeps up your levels of Vitamin D. You will burn a couple of hundred calories.

Doing a Good Deed

A lunch break is a perfect time to visit an elderly relative. Visits are healthy for seniors. It brings back pleasant memories and keeps them up-to-date with what is going on. Likewise, they may need help with an errand and you could do it the next day. Loneliness is not a good feeling and you can remedy that. Visiting makes you and your relative feel better.

Work That Body

It can be difficult to find time for the gym. Lunch is a perfect time to fit in a 30-minute workout or 20 minutes on the exercise bike. Gyms are notoriously crowded before and after work. A lot of job sites have gyms in the building. They want employees to be happy and healthy.

Yoga and Meditation

Some employees may prefer to use lunch for quiet time. It’s a great time to meditate and get in touch with yourself. Further, meditation is a great stress-reliever and you will be ready to tackle your assignments. Yoga may be your activity of choice at the gym. It will also give the body a great stretch if your job requires a lot of sitting. Similarly, a co-worker may want to attend mass at lunch. Nearby churches are always open so worshipers can light candles, etc.

Work on the Career

Have you heard of Let’s Lunch? It’s an online network that matches you with someone nearby for lunch. The network uses your Linked In profile to find someone with similar interests. is another network wherein you can reach out to people for lunch.

Treat Yourself

There are so many ways one can spoil themselves during lunch. Take time for a 15-minute massage or facial. People with children seldom have time for these things on the weekend. Utilize that extra hour to get a blowout or a manicure. Lunch is the perfect time to go shopping without the kids. Find that new fragrance you have been wanting. Further, one can shop for the perfect shoes to go with that new red dress.

Take A Screen Break

Employees do not realize how tired their eyes are. Lunch is a nice time to get away from the cell phone, television, and computer. Looking at screens for hours can dry out the eyes. Give your peepers a break by using artificial tears. Your eyes will thank you for the rest.

Everyone has a million things to do and it is difficult to accomplish them all. Take advantage of the lunch break to accomplish something worthwhile for yourself and others. You will be glad you did and primed to take on the afternoon’s work!

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