Why maintaining Heating and Cooling Systems should be a Priority

October 13, 2018

Neglect and dirt are among the causes of failure in heating and cooling systems. Many people would not dare risk driving their vehicles without performing regular tune ups and oil changes but will go for years without their heating and cooling systems being serviced. Just like your car, your heating and cooling system needs tune ups in order to prevent unnecessary, costly repairs and breakdowns.

This type of system needs regular maintenance check ups as often as recommended. These include during the fall before using your heating system and spring prior to starting your air conditioner. A check-up ensures that your system is able to perform efficiently and provide optimal comfort for the home. Maintenance checkups also help to extend the longevity of your equipment, guarantee safe operations and increase cost effectiveness.

System Efficiency and Utility Bills

A substantial amount of the energy that you use in your home is attributed to heating and cooling. Smart choices regarding your HVAC system or heating, ventilating and air conditioning, can effectively increase your system’s efficiency and have a major impact on your utility bills. Studies show that proper heating and cooling system maintenance can drastically cut down energy bills.

Temperature and Comfort

Whenever you turn on your central heating and conditioning, you expect it to have the ability to deliver the temperature you need to be as comfortable as possible in various conditions and deliver this throughout the day. A HVAC unit that is not properly maintained may be working inefficiently or too hard to deliver the level of comfort that is expected from consistent air temperature.


Everyone wants their heating and cooling systems to last for a long time. However, just like a new vehicle that declines in performance when it is not regularly maintained, your heating and cooling system also faces the same fate. Your system is likely to last for many years longer as long as it is properly maintained.

Affordable Maintenance

  • Some people avoid regular or routine maintenance due to anticipated high costs. The reality is that regular maintenance can be carried out on your equipment at reasonable rates and for much lower than you ca expect with agreements that cover a number of years.
  • Avoid waiting until your furnace does not ignite or your air conditioner does not cool before calling for professional service. When you reach this point, you will usually pay more since it is an emergency call and you may also have to wait because these situations usually arise at the coolest or hottest times of the year.
  • When your heating and cooling system is placed on a regular maintenance schedule, usually yearly, it will be a worthwhile investment in terms of more efficient operation, less frustration and lower repair costs.


One of the main reasons for scheduling routine maintenance is safety for you and your loved ones. Typical maintenance will consist of checking for holes within the system’s firebox or heat exchanger, measuring current and voltage on motors and tightening the electrical connections.

These are issues that can be hazardous as a faulty electrical connection may cause unsafe operation and short circuits while open flames or carbon monoxide leaks can create a major health hazard of fire. Proper maintenance increases the longevity of your system and overall comfort of your living space.

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