The Different Types Of Window Blinds On The Market Today

October 13, 2018

For many homeowners, blinds are not the first things that they think about when it comes to home décor. However, shutters are not just window dressings, but they serve very prudent and practical functions. Shutters also look good, but they are more beneficial than just offering the aesthetic appeal. There are different types of blinds and your choice will depend on your personal preferences and space. Here are some common types of window blinds:

Roman blinds

Roman shades are usually smooth when opened but are stacked up when closed. They are usually classic, elegant, and will look perfect in all types of rooms. Roman shades usually have a cord that is used for adjusting the area that you wish to cover. These window blinds are perfect for those that want a luxurious look in their bedrooms.

Solar shades

Solar shades are ideal for blocking harmful UV rays from the sun without necessarily blocking your view. They are usually manufactured using a solar screen fabric that offers heat control and is anti-glare. Solar shades are ideal for homeowners that need blinds that allow you to enjoy the outside view but are energy efficient.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are ideal if you have sliding doors and large glass windows in your home. They are usually made from vertically hanging slats that are closely attached together. The slats of vertical blinds are made of solar, wood, faux, aluminum, fabric, stiffened plastic, cellular screen, and more. Vertical blinds are ideal for those who want light control, energy efficiency, and a unique look for your home. For more information on the types of blinds, check out

Aluminum blinds

These type of blinds are made of aluminum, making them stronger and more durable. The slats used for aluminum blinds are usually more lightweight and smaller when compared to other types of blinds. In addition, they are of high quality but inexpensive and this makes them an excellent option for most homes. Aluminum blinds also come in various colors and are versatile.

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are the most popular type of window blinds and they are made from horizontal slats that are attached above each other. The hanging slats are usually suspended using chords or strips of fabric that can be rotated to almost 180 degrees to regulate the amount of light. Since the slates in Venetian blinds are completely closed, it makes them ideal for use in washrooms and bathrooms. Venetian shutters are made from a wide range of materials like plastic, wood, metal, and many more. They are a perfect choice for homeowners who want effective and stylish window coverings.

Roller shades

These are just simple blinds that have been equipped with a rolling mechanism. They are available in different materials like sheer, semi-sheer, blackout, and semi-opaque. You can choose these different materials based on how much light you want to regulate in the room. Roller blinds are available in different patterns and colors and you can easily choose what suits your needs. Roller blinds are stylish and easy to install, use, and maintain.

Blinds are essential for many homes and offices for many reasons. Apart from just being decorative elements, blinds also help to regulate the amount of light coming into the house. Shutters are opaque and will also shield your windows from people who are outside giving you the privacy that you need. You can choose the perfect type of blinds for your home from those listed above.

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