Is Laser Hair Removal Safe During Pregnancy?

October 22, 2018

When you are pregnant there are several bodily changes due to the fluctuation of the hormone level in your body. These changes stem from an increased production of pregnancy hormones such as estrogen, progesterone and human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). Your gut expands and as your pregnancy progresses, it can become tough to shave certain areas of the body. In such cases, excessive growth of bodily hairs is observed.

It is normal, even though this is sometimes frustrating. There are several solutions, for example, laser hair removal that is offered for girls who want to get rid of the frustration of attempting to shave hard in unreachable locations. If you are thinking whether or not laser hair removal is safe for women you should better do a thorough research. However, you can even choose to consult your doctor as they can offer the best help to you. You should always be concerned about the safety of your child.

How can laser hair removal treatments work?

During laser hair removal treatments, a health practitioner (doctor, dermatologist or tech ) uses a handheld instrument to send targeted quantities of light in your hair follicles. These waves are potent enough to ruin your hair follicles and remove the hair. In other words, laser hair removal treatment work by targeting your hair pigments in a bid to harm your hair follicles thermally. Although hair removal is done to get rid of bodily hair, further research is being done to determine whether or not it can cause permanency.

How long can the hair removal treatment last?

Laser hair removal generally lasts between 6 and 24 weeks, based on several factors like the hair growth speed, the feel of your hair and the number of prior treatments. Nonetheless, for some people, it may even prove to be a permanent hair removal solution. Physicians, scientists, and investigators have suggested that laser hair removal treatments may result in permanent baldness. However, further research needs to be done to validate the claims.

Additionally, you will need at least six remedies once you start the hair removal procedure. To prevent hair regrowth, your medicines need to be changed every six months (before all the unwanted hair was eliminated ). As soon as you have achieved the desired outcome, you will have to schedule therapy sessions to avoid hair regrowth.

How valuable is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal can be quite beneficial, particularly for girls with rough and dark hair. Laser hair removal treatment might offer permanent baldness. Additionally, it may lighten hair color, change hair texture or delay hair re-growth. This is particularly beneficial if you are pregnant and have difficulty in shaving particular regions of the body such as lower thighs or genitals.

How safe is laser hair removal when pregnant?

The safety regarding the laser hair removal for pregnant women is unknown. However, some healthcare professionals think it is okay to use laser hair removal remedies when pregnant. Nonetheless, they further recommend avoiding it during the third trimester of pregnancy. If a pregnant woman decides to undergo the laser hair removal treatment, there are chances of maturation of the baby being affected. Utilizing laser removal treatment may lead to conditions such as irregular hair debilitating skin lesions, skin pigmentation burns.

Is it okay to postpone the laser hair removal during pregnancy?

Postponing your own already-scheduled laser hair removal sessions throughout your pregnancy is not vital. When you have begun a set of laser hair removal treatments and then discover that you’re pregnant, you might opt to postpone until delivery. You may utilize types of hair removal treatment. However, you may choose to begin your treatment before or after the pregnancy. You should keep in mind that the laser may alter or affect the growth of the baby. It is better if you carry out the process that way.

As a means to track the usage of laser removal, professionals at Laser hair removal Atlanta would ask you to consult your respective doctor. It is essential to be aware that laser hair removal treatments are not as successful since it is on girls with dark hair than on girls who have grey, red, or blonde hair. When you experience a tan, olive or darker skin tone, it is advised to proceed with caution since it may result in skin discoloration. It is essential that you contact your doctor before having laser removal at any time.

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