How To Encourage Homework

October 23, 2018

After a busy day at school, the last thing most children want to do is start to think about homework. Whining, procrastinating, and full on tantrums may ensue, each of which can cause unnecessary and unwanted stress on your little one.

But homework does not have to mean trauma, with the right attitude and a motivational tool or two, you can make the process of completing homework fun for your kids.

  1. Give your kid a break after school

Do not force your child to do homework as soon as they get home. Giving your children time and space to relax before starting homework could make all the difference in improving motivation and focus for later tasks.

  1. Set up a homework station

In principle, a homework station is just a dedicated area within your home in which your child is expected to do their homework.  Your homework station should be tailored to your child’s particular learning style and can be used to help them stay more productive and focused while doing their homework.

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  1. Help them make a plan

On heavy homework nights or when there is an especially hefty assignment to tackle, encourage your child to break up the work into manageable chunks. Create a work schedule for the night if necessary and take time for a 15-minute break every hour, if possible.

  1. Get a homework buddy

Turn homework into a play date.  Have your child invite a friend over and encourage them to do their homework together.  Make sure you lay down a few rules ahead of time. You can then reward the children with free time and a snack after they complete their work, so much more fun that regular homework time.

  1. Do not take it too seriously

There are more important things in life than homework and grades. Too much emphasis on grades can hinder your child’s love of learning and devalue relationships. It is important for them to realize that grades are not everything and that they should also be encouraged to be great communicators, to be active, and creative.

If you feel your child has demonstrated sufficient understanding of a subject, and you feel your child’s teacher is setting too much homework around this topic, do not be afraid to voice your concern. Even if nothing changes, it will show your children that you are always on their side and ready to support them always, which will go a long way!

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