Find Out the Legality of Buying Prescription Drugs Online

October 23, 2018

Ordering prescription drugs from online pharmacies and then getting them delivered via mail could be regarded as legal, provided certain requirements are fulfilled. These requirements would be ranging from those that you need to fulfill, to the ones that must be met by the online pharmacy you are buying from. Learn all the steps for ensuring that you are buying from a legal and approved online pharmacy and of course, with an actually valid prescription.

Online Prescribers

You must have come across many ads or have received numerous emails which actually claim that no prescription would be required for buying any name-brand drug. Keep in mind not to purchase from such a pharmacy. In order to buy a prescription drug, it is vital to have a prescription that could be given to the pharmacy. According to the U.S. Federal Law, for selling a prescription drug, a pharmacy should have a proof to justify your relationship with the physician who actually writes the prescription. The pharmacy must ask for a prescription with your physician’s signature on it. Sometimes, online pharmacies claim that they have in-house doctors who could write a prescription for you even without examining you. This certainly is a complete violation of the existing law and the doctor does not have any solid basis to make any diagnosis. This is certainly a scam. It is best to order medicines from reputed and reliable online pharmacies like for top quality and authentic drugs.

Telemedicine Doctors

With the advent of the modern era of telemedicine, the medical diagnostic process has undergone many changes. In the past, we believed that diagnosis could be made only after a thorough physical examination of the patient by a qualified doctor. With telemedicine today, qualified doctors could effectively diagnose patients by conducting an examination over a smartphone or a laptop. We know that online doctors are not certified by the authorities to practice medicine online. But in the case of telemedicine doctors, they are actually board-certified practitioners and they generally get accredited by a recognized state governing body.  As per statistics about seven million Americans accessed health care via telemedicine doctors in 2017 and that number seems to be growing exponentially. Telemedicine doctors have the authority to prescribe drugs like antibiotics, oral contraceptives, antifungal, decongestant nasal sprays, allergy medications,    cholesterol-lowering drugs, and high blood pressure medications etc.

Making Sure that You Are Indulging in a Legal Process

If you respond to these questions given below with a yes for an answer, then you are dealing with a genuine and legal pharmacy online as per the authorization of the U.S. DEA or the Drug Enforcement Agency and FTC or the Federal Trade Commission.

  • Does your pharmacy ask you for a qualified doctor-signed prescription? A questionnaire would not suffice in this respect.
  • Is the chosen pharmacy licensed in any state where it is supposed to be located? If your online pharmacy is not state-licensed, it could be an off-shore one that is situated in some other country.
  • Can you have a telephonic conversation with a pharmacist of that online pharmacy? If you are not able to talk to a pharmacist, do not buy any drugs from such a drugstore online.

When you are sure that the chosen online pharmacy is a legitimate one, you could go ahead and order your medicines with a valid prescription.


Now that you have a sound knowledge of how to make your online buying medicines process, a safe and a legitimate one, you can go ahead with your order. However, try to avoid rogue foreign pharmacies that are operating from countries outside the U.S. A. including Mexico and Canada.

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