Understanding Why Students Are Using Drugs

September 24, 2020

Drug use among students has become quite common these days. Many students start taking drugs at an early age. The percentage of the number of students taking drugs is increasing every year. Many schools and colleges employ strict rules to bar children from taking drugs. Sometimes, they take random drug tests of their students. However, some students are too slick to get through deceitfully. Many reasons lead students to drug abuse. Changes in the behavior of a student may indicate that he/she is taking drugs.

Problems Associated With Drug Abuse

The continuous use of drugs impairs the functions of the brain of the students. The brain develops until the age of 25, and the use of substance disrupts the process of its development. Drug use affects the wiring of the brain. The brain transmits its messages through neurotransmitters. When a student uses drugs, it disturbs the transmission pattern of the brain. Therefore, major changes occur regarding the focus, concentration, and understanding of a student.

Why Are Students And Teens So Into drugs?

Let us discuss some of the major reasons why students join the world of drugs.

  • Experimentation

Many students start taking drugs because they want to experiment with them. Initially, they just want to see ho substances affect them. Curiosity plays a great part in teen’s actions, so they easily get attracted to drugs. However, there are also many students who do not make it a habit. They just experience it and move on with their life. And, for a lot of students, this curiosity opens the doors of drugs for them. Initially, they use drugs in parties and social gatherings. But, as their dependability increases on drugs, the frequency of using drugs increases too.

  • Stress

Many students start taking drugs out of stress. It can be due to some problems they are facing in their school or college. Or, there may be family issues that are becoming the reason for their mental strain. Different pressures haunt a student like completion of homework, preparation of assignments, or bringing higher grades. Thus, he takes the refuge of drugs to calm his nerves. Encouragement from his classmates further pushes him closer to the use of drugs. When he finds the trick working, he increases his dependency on the use of drugs. In a study directed by the National Union of Students, one-third of the students admitted that they use drugs to deal with stress.

  • To Get Higher Grades

Students find themselves under great pressure to get high grades. They know that they have to prove their mettle in this competitive world. To achieve this, many students take the course of drugs to enhance their performance. A survey found 77% of all students reported fear of failure as their primary cause of stress. Therefore, they use medicines like Ritalin and Adderall to give themselves a performance boost. These “smart medicines” increase the focus and concentration of a student. Also, students can study for longer periods.

  • Wrong Perception

Students also abuse drugs because of a misconception that drugs do not affect them much. The increased presence of drugs in social gatherings makes them think less about their hazardous effects. Therefore, the dwindling fear of drugs is becoming a major factor in the increase in drug use. Misinformation and a lack of knowledge are key factors in brewing this thought in students. If a student does not get proper guidance, he remains in oblivion. For this, it is imperative to inform students about the destructive power of drugs.

Signs Of Drug Abuse

Behavioral changes appear when a kid uses drugs. If parents or teachers recognize changes in a child’s behavior, they should take prompt action. Moreover, these changes are different from the ordinary stresses of adolescents. It may take some time for these changes to become prominent.

Common symptoms that manifest themselves as a result of drug use include:

·         Changes in schoolwork, grades, and performance

·         Significant changes in mood and disposition

·         Missing of valuable items from your home

·         Change in physical appearances like weight and clothing

·         There is a lack of motivation with sudden outbursts of anger

·         Teens become forgetful and thoughtless. Also, there is a change in sleeping patterns

The rising trend of substance abuse among the students is quite concerning. Substantial measures have to be taken to keep students away from drugs. School and college officials should launch awareness campaigns to warn students of the horrible consequences of drug use. Besides, teachers and parents should closely observe behavior changes in teens. Upon suspicion, they should ask a kid for a drug test. However, students sometimes cheat them by passing a test with the help of products like Upass urine and other products that are available to them.

Drugs destroy the future of a great number of students. Therefore, governments must use different resources and strategies to help students in getting a better understanding of drugs. They may take the help of electronic media in combating the drug menace as it has a strong influence on students. Forceful implementation of strict measures may not be an impressive approach. In fact, we can be more successful if we change the mindset of students.

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