Things You Have To Kept In Mind While Designing Perfume Boxes

September 24, 2020

Fragrances and sects are commodities that use in daily life. Whether you are a teenager, adult, or older man or woman, you always carry the small perfume bottles in your bag. Beautiful and attractive scents occupy 80% of your vanity table with their perfume boxes. So, who says no to perfumes? It has different fragrances and type which represent the personality. In the market, you must have seen many scents. Some of them attract you, and they are a big no why one aroma is not for everyone. Because the perfume you wear reflects the personality. The 70 years old woman will not like to wear sweet or fruity scents.

Besides is the most commonly used item, this product is considered as the perfect gift. So, it is the reason the retailer focuses on the pack of these beautiful and gorgeous bottles. Most buyers decide based on product packages, particularly when it comes to perfume shopping. The question here is how to design the boxes for fragrances? Here the customers and the scents guide you to make the most gorgeous and engaging package for the bottle.

 These items are highly delicate and need a secure package. Here you cannot deny the importance of a cardboard box that offers protection to your favorite fragrances. So now, it’s time that you must discuss these boxes and learns how to design the perfect package for these small, fragile, and delicate products.

Understanding about Fragrance

The first thing before even think about the packaging is to understand the finances. You must need to have complete knowledge about the type of scents. So understanding the fragrance helps you to design the articles. For instance, what are the base, middle and top notes of the scents? Are they woody or fruity? Will it attract young or older generation? Is it for unisex, men or women?

After the audience, the next point is the concentration level. Because you have to print its level on the custom perfume boxes like the one with 5_10% of essential oil means Eau de Toilette.  On the other hand, the finances with 10-15% oil mean perfumes. So your box packaging must deliver all the information as mentioned above via labels and images.

Protection is the Key

When it comes to packaging and storage, scenes must be placed with care. Remember these empty perfume boxes have a significant purpose when it comes to the best perfume protection and safety. Most of the people think it is only for presentation and to engage the customer. But the reality is opposite to it. The perfume boxes must be designs in a manner that secures the crystal glass bottle form any damage during shipping and transportation. The customer would not like to receive his favorite scents in the damaged box.

Secondly, the box must be sturdy because users understand the importance of this piece of cardboard. Throwing the empty box means the perform losses the fragrances. Remember, light and atmospheric exposure changes the characteristic. So buyers use these boxes for years and throw it with the empty scent bottle.

Here is the tip for all perfume lovers who complain their scents are not the same as it was before. Always keep the bottle inside the cardboard containers. It does not matter how large or small a collection you have always placed the bottle in its original packaging after use.

Perform Boxes Attractive Designs

Perfume is not only about fragrance, but the packaging style plays a considerable role. When you purchase any gift, you look for attractive packaging. So perfumes are all about glamour and style. Manufactures spends thousands of dollar in the manufacturing of wholesale perfume boxes packaging, Form its color schemes to labels, they select each thing with great care.

The furnaces look inspiring only because of custom printed perfume boxes. Is one package design go for all scents? Each furnace had its persona, and the packaging must complement it.

The dosing of the box must be attractive and communicating with the target audience. For instance, look at the perfume by HEDONIST. They worked hard when it comes to packaging. The colors and the design is complementing the glass bottle very well. The simple black box with labels in golden that shows this fragrance is for a mature man. So this box is attractive and communicating with customers very well. Design the packaging for any scents wisely because it sells only because of the package, not by the aroma.

Are the perfume Boxes Cheap?

For a start-up spend, thousands of dollars on the package is not a good idea. But on the other hand, you can’t deny the importance of perfume boxes design. While working on the scents, you can also collect data about the boxes and how to get the pocket-friendly packages for scents. There are printing and packaging companies like The Custom Boxes, who design the perfect boxes for the perfume that complements the scents. 

The cardboard material has changed the game of packaging; the boxes are highly cost-effective and offer the best designs and protection to the beautiful perfume bottles. Whether you want embossing., de-bossing, foil, or other, it never breaks the bank.

Have You Designed the Box?

While designing the packages for the perfumes, keep in mind, these are not ordinary products. These are fantastic gifts, and everyone loves it. So it is the packaging that makes it inspiring and engaging. Discussing the point mentioned above will help you create the most gorgeous and impressive packaging for the fragrances.


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