Beat Your Demons, Better Your Life

June 14, 2018

You know that version of yourself that you have always dream of being? That better version of you. Well, you can be that person, but you just have to beat your demons to become them.

Granted, beating your demons is easier said than done, but it is doable. You can beat those things that plague you, whatever they may be, and you can be that better you. To find the steps and the advice needed to do it, make sure to read on.

Dedicate 20 Minutes Of Your Day To Thinking

With a diagnosis of anxiety or not, the incessant need to worry plagues a lot of people. The day-long, sometimes week-long, struggle that is worrying is a pain that many live with. Even those who show themselves to be strong, both mentally and physically, can and do struggle with it. That is how strong that particular demon is, it has the strength not to discriminate.

Anxiety and incessant worrying may be one of the strongest demons to face, but you can face it. You can face it by dedicating 20 minutes of your day to thinking about everything that worries you. When you do, you make everything real, and you show yourself not to behiding away from it all and doing that is the only way to beat your demons.

In this 20 minutes, you should give your brain free rein go into overdrive. You should allow it to delve into everything that makes you anxious and holds you back in life as a result. You should give it permission to sort through all the problems you think you have, no matter how complex they may be. By doing so, you give your brain the chance to get what it wants: the chance to worry. But, you do it whilein a safe environment, in one that will not impact your life. Taking this advice, and being strict with your 20-minute window to think, will stop your brain from running away with itself as you get on with your day. Ever found yourself floundering at work due to an anxiety attack? When you push your anxiety into that small, 20-minute window, your attacks will be under control, and you will flounder at work no more.

It is best to find yourself a quiet, undisturbed area in which to think, which could be in the bath or even in bed, and you should be strict with the 20 minutes you allow yourself. Once the deadline hits, you need to walk away from your safe space determined not to worry again during that day.

Embrace Some Religious Values

Whatever your thoughts are on religion, embracing some religious values could give you the holistic feeling you need to battle and then beat your demons. This is because, no matter what conflicts religion may cause in the world, at its core it is peaceful.

You could try counseling that is very much centered around Christian values, for instance. By looking at your problems through the lens of Bible, you could find the truth you need to move on with your life. If a particular event in your past will not budge from your mind, dissecting it in regards to what is right in the eyes of God could clear your conscious. Believing in that God afterward, or beforehand, means nothing to such a practice as it is taken for no other reason, but to help you feel better about yourself.

Or, you could devote your time to understanding the search for inner peace in Islam. Muslim or not, there are lessons in regards to the richness of the heart in its teachings. Or, you could learn all about the Sikh way when it comes to forgiveness, as doing so could give you the clarity you need to let go of a demon or to allow something more worthwhile in.

The point is, no matter who you are or what you believe, there are important things found in the values of religion as you battle your demons.

Share Your Burdens

You may have suffered from your demons alone in the past, but that does not mean you need battle them alone in the future. Sharing burdens is, and always has been, the best way to deal with a personal problem, so share yours. When you do, you will have more chance of beating your problems and demons and becoming that version of yourself that you have, for so long, longed to become.

Depending on what type of demon you contend with, there will be different types and different levels of support out there. If you suffer fromthe need to worry, then opening up to a loved one should be the step you take. Again, making your demons real by acknowledging their existence will help you to cope with them far better than you did when you stifled them. This time, however, not only will you have your ownjudgment, but you will have the judgment of outsiders to the situation, also. It means that you would be far more likely to come to terms with whatever it is that plagues you, as you’ll hear what you need to hear about it, and you will be in a far stronger position as a result. When you do find yourself at a stage where you are ready to open up about your demons, however, make sure to be careful who you open up to. It is no good opening up to someone if they will not listen to you. It is no good opening up to someone, no matter how close they are to you, if all they will say is “you’ll be okay” or the only advice they will give is “get over it.” You have to ensure you choose somebody who will listen to what you say, no matter what they might think of your demon.

Some demons need more than for you to only open up to somebody, though. Yes, you need to tackle some head-on. You need to take action with these types of demons, and decisive action at that. If your demon was an addiction to drugs and alcohol, for instance, then said action would have to comein the form of checking into rehab and staying the course when you are there. But when is it time to take such an action? How do you know you have gotten to the point that rehab is what is best for you? A few of the signs include: driving while intoxicated, a medical professional telling you that you have health issues stemming from substance abuse, and those closest to you in life noticing a change in you and them asking you to stop drinking or taking illicit substances. If you spot any of these signs in your behavior, and if you then carry on drinking or taking drugs regardless, it is time to check into rehab. If that time comes for you, Find Rehab Centers will provide you with all the information you need to find the center to suit you based on your location and your specific addiction needs. Once there, it would be down to you to kick your habit.

Make Peace With Your Past

Whether it sounds cliche or not,making peace with your past is key to beating your demons. It is key because it stops the past, which you can do nothing about, from having an impact on your future, something that you can do something about. It is key because the past is gone, it is irrelevant, and nothing can be achievedbyallowing it to hamper your future. The inability to let go of the past, and the impact that then has on the future, is a demon many face, whether they admit it or not or even know it or not.

To make peace with your past, first of all, you have to confront it. Whether this means thinking about it in the 20-minute daily thinking time, or actually making amends with or forgiving another person from your past, you have to confront it. If you do not confront your past in a manner that you control, then it will more than likely come back to haunt you in a way that is uncontrollable. If that were to happen, you would beill-equipped to deal with it and, as a result, would only add to your demons. So, control your past by making peace with it and confronting it while you still can. Only when you do that will you be able to embark on any potential personal growth in the future, and that is something you want to embark on, right?

As a free human being, bettering your life is something you have a right to do, but having a right to do it doesn’t mean it is going to come easy. And it does not mean anybody is going to do it for you, either. No, it is down to you to better your life, and it is down to you to beat your demons to be able to do so. So, get beating, and get bettering.

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