Why should you buy a Microscope for your Toddler?

December 2, 2020

Why should you buy a microscope for your toddler? Before answering this question everyone should have to know what a is a microscope?

A microscope is a science instrument that uses in the science lab for experiments and to see things from a larger view. For students, it is a very interesting instrument because it uses a lot of experiments. In school and colleges, give the know-how of the microscope to the students. At higher levels, (in labs and universities) students and scientists use the microscope for experiments.

There are two main different types of microscopes

  • Some microscopes are used just to see the specimen at large magnification. Such microscopes just magnify the specimen not show the anatomy of the specimen
  • Some microscope magnify and show the internal structure of the specimen

Rather these the rest microscopes are further extensions of these microscopes with the difference in lenses and power(X).

Why a microscope is needed for kids?

A microscope is a science element and science is one of the developing fields all over the world. If I say, science is the most emerging field then it will not wrong. Now a day, all the work is done with the help of science.

Scientists are making so many innovations in the field of science. The scope of science is increasing every minute. If you want that your child should go into the science field in the future then make efforts to develop an interest in your child since his childhood.

To enter the science field, one should have knowledge of scientific facts. These facts are the foundation for understanding science. It will not enough to just “learn” about the scientific facts. For best understanding, experimental taste must be encouraged in the children. So that children can take science as an interesting field.

If children see different things under a microscope then they see science as a discovery field. Children will become young by using the microscope since their childhood, then they will have the confidence of using the microscope.

The use of a microscope hones the understanding and observation skills of the children. A good keen observer will be a good scientist in the future.  Who knows, maybe your child get a noble prize in the future.

Here a question arises “at what age children need the microscope?”  Children of 3+ can use the children microscope. At that age children are more curious about things so to sharp their curiosity, observing and discovering talent, purchase the microscope for them.

Elementary school is that place where children are at the position when they choose their field of interest. So the use of a microscope at the elementary school engages the students in scientific discovery. This can help them to choose science in the future.

Children see the inner structure of the specimen and get a lot of information about that specimen. Hence they infer different results at the start and then discover the best one by thinking or doing the experiment again and again. They become familiar with the anatomy of the specimen at an early age. When they reach higher school or college they are already scientists.

Different types of microscopes for different ages of children:

Which microscopes should use for young students? There are different microscope lists on https://microscopecrew.com/microscope-for-5-year-old/ that can be used for 3 to 10-year-old kids. However, you can learn the basic details.

Children of 3 to 5 ages

Use stereotype microscopes that have a binocular lens. This microscope is used to magnify the specimens and the specimen looks in 3 dimensional (3D) forms. This microscope is used for 3+ children. A zoomy digital microscope is a digital microscope best for the 4+ age children. This is a digital microscope that is connected to the computer and seen the objects up to 43X magnification level. 

Children of 6 to 8+ ages

Brainstorm outdoor adventure microscope is used for the child of the 6+ ages. This is a portable microscope and one can easily carry it with him/her. It is the best outdoor microscope having a magnification power of 20X to 40X.The children of 8+ ages are capable of using a compound microscope. The magnification power of a compound microscope ranges from 400X to 900X.

Final Verdict

The microscope is one of the best instruments to develop an interest in the children. Microscopy is a very interesting activity for the children that keep busy the children in different discoveries and conclusions that they infer from the experiments. This activity whets the analysis and thinking ability of the children.

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