Four health hacks by Marc Ravenscroft to boost immunity during Covid

December 2, 2020

As the world is battling to overcome the deadly virus’s threat, it is indispensable that every individual stays fit. Each person must achieve their fitness goals because staying overweight will increase your chances of getting infected with the virus. Only when your immune system is healthy you can keep your fitness quotient high.

Due to the increased stress during the pandemic, people are often indulging in binge eating, thereby leading to more anxiety and stress. Lockdown has seen many people turning chefs by making dishes at home. Thus many people have found this as an entertaining way to satiate their hunger and also kill time.

Importance of healthy eating by Marc Ravenscroft

Many people indulge in baking cakes and cookies. Nonetheless, it is not a very good idea to make confectionery because of refined sugar, flour, and fat from the main ingredients, which can deteriorate your health over time. Therefore, instead of making unhealthy food, you must utilize this time to improve your fitness level and make your lifestyle positive to stay away from hypertension, diabetes, and any other kind of health disorder.

Many celebrity chefs are using digital media to circulate healthy recipes. The two most important concepts of mindful eating and immunity building have gained popularity. It helps to build up immunity and fight against the virus. Therefore, when you go grocery shopping, you must list the ingredients to make healthy and tasty foods. People are also ordering package food that contains a lot of nutritional value and has myriad health benefits. Several people are even opting for healthy alternatives like high protein soups, green tea, and green coffees to stay healthy and fit. Listed below are four hacks that can help you stay healthy by boosting your immunity.

Make a switch to healthy drinks

While most of you work from home, it is essential to make tea-coffee breaks healthy. You have to transform these breaks into healthier alternatives like sipping green tea or coffee combined with multiple benefits. The antioxidant properties of these healthy drinks will boost immunity and help you to fight the virus. These drinks can also improve your metabolism, and they can aid weight management. You can even go for green coffee, which has many antioxidant properties, thereby making it a beneficial drink for boosting your immunity and helping you maintain weight, as explained by Marc Mitchell Ravenscroft.

Pick appropriate protein

Consume good quality and adequate quantity of protein. You must include lean meat, soya bean, fish, and chicken in your diet. You can even go for superfoods that have a lot of protein as compared to regular soups.

Have more beta-carotene

Some important sources of beta-carotene spinach, carrots, sweet potato, and even pumpkin. You must include these food items in your daily diet to boost your health.

Consume vitamin D

You need to have vitamin-D because it is perfect for boosting your immunity, thereby helping you to battle the virus.

Hence it would be best to indulge in healthy eating to remain robust to fight the Covid virus during the pandemic.




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