Nine Of The Coolest Things You Can Do In Jamaica

October 24, 2018

Jamaica is easily one of the coolest places in the world to visit. From sun-soaked beaches to a sensational nightlife, there is a ton to keep you busy on vacation. The problem is, where do you begin? When planning your itinerary for what to do in Jamaica, you want to make sure you pack in as many highlights as possible (and skip the more boring options). That is where we come in. We have rounded up the nine coolest things you can do in Jamaica for a totally unforgettable vacation:

Blue Lagoon

There is a reason the idyllic movie of the same name was set here: the Blue Lagoon is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The waters are a deep azure blue (no Instagram filter needed) and temperate enough to swim in almost all year. There is no public beach in the area, so be sure to schedule a boating or rafting tour to make the most of this stunning location. You can spend the day swimming, soaking up the sun, and admiring the natural beauty of Jamaica.

Dunn’s River Falls

This is an extremely popular tourist attraction and with good reason: Dunn’s River Falls is a waterfall you can play in. Bracingly cold mountain water pours down on tourists from 600 feet. Visitors can cool off while lounging on the ancient stone steps before diving into the warm ocean water. Be sure to get a tour guide to maximize your experience!

Jamaican Bobsledding

When it comes to what to do in Jamaica, bobsledding might seem like an odd choice. On the contrary; bobsledding is a wildly popular sport there (and the inspiration for the classic movie Cool Runnings). There is a ton to do at the spot, including ziplining and a museum on the rich history of bobsledding in Jamaica. After lunch at the cafe, you can whiz down the mountainside in your very own bobsled.

Blue Mountain Culinary Trail

Have a taste for the unexpected? Then get ready to take your taste buds on a culinary adventure! The Blue Mountain Culinary Trail offers up some of the most delectable treats Jamaica has to offer. From rich, savory coffees to sinfully sweet desserts and fresh seafood, there is no end to the foods you will be able to sample. As you go from spot to spot, you will be able to admire the natural beauty of Jamaica. Sounds like the perfect eating experience to us!

Blue Hole Mineral Springs

Looking for some major rest and relaxation on your vacation? Then it is time to swing by Blue Hole Mineral Springs. This swimming hole is amazingly clear and the water is cool and refreshing. But what really sets it apart is that it is completely encased in karst limestone. People from all over the world tout its healing and restorative properties.

Seven Mile Beach

While in Jamaica, you have to spend time at the beach. Seven Mile Beach is one of the most popular. The views are spectacular and the water is warm enough to soak in to your heart’s content. For those that find the beach a bit boring, this is a dream come true: the beach is packed with shops, restaurants, and plenty of excitement to keep you entertained while working on your tan.

Royal Palm Reserve

Get in touch with your wild side and learn about island life at the same time at the Royal Palm Reserve. This sprawling natural reserve houses over 300 different types of animals and more than 100 unique species of plants. Tour guides will shuttle you through the area, providing you with everything you ever wanted to know about the wildlife of Jamaica. Stroll along the boardwalk to get up close and personal with some truly out-of-this world animals.

The Pelican Bar

Simply put, the Pelican Bar is one of the coolest spots in all of Jamaica. Getting to this hip locale is half the adventure: you will need to drive for a few hours and take a boat. Why? The Pelican Bar is actually located in the ocean. Once you arrive, you will see what all the hype is about: you can sample superior cocktails while relaxing in the middle of the ocean. Call and order seafood beforehand, so you can eat while soaking up the unparalleled view.

Club Mobay Departure Lounge

Sad to see your vacation end? Wrap it up in serious style with a visit to Club Mobay Departure Lounge. Located in Sangster International Airport, this club brings travel to the next level. You will enjoy divine cocktails and snacks in elite luxury, surrounded by island style. Fair warning: once you settle in here, you may not want to leave!

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