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October 24, 2018

A healthy heart can help you lead a long life filled with vitality. And a healthy heart might be god-gifted at birth, but as we grow and go about our lives, we need to exercise adequate care and healthy practices. The 21st century life is laden with physical challenges and emotional turbulence. Factors like a sudden job change to losing a loved one, can affect our lives and also our heart health. Research and studies have shown that both depression and happiness contribute to heart health and its functioning. And both can ail and heal the heart along with other healthy practices.

Practices that contribute to good heart health

Today, most people are switching to a healthy lifestyle to ensure they have a healthy heart. You can always consult a heart specialist clinic like the Julian Tan Heart Specialist Clinic to get a medical perspective on maintaining good heart health. That aside, some of the daily practices that can help you in your objective include the following:

  1. Stress less and live more

Stress is one of the principal factors that contribute to significant health hazards. It can lead to both coronary heart disease and cancer. Stress changes the entire biochemistry of the brain and starts affecting the body in invisible, adverse ways. It has a negative impact on the heart. Recurrent panic attacks can affect the heart functioning and result in hardening of the arteries and also a block. When left untreated it can lead to death. The best remedy is to stress less and live more in the present moment, addressing each life happening with a problem-solving attitude.

  1. Reduce your carbohydrates

Excess carbohydrates don’t just give you cavities and fats, but also an unstable heart condition. We have both bad and good cholesterol in our body. Excess starch and sugary foods can increase the count of bad cholesterol which can pose a danger to heart health in a significant way. It can create hormonal imbalance and increase heart palpitations temporarily. And when this occurs at a recurrent basis, it apparently results in a heart attack.

  1. Get active with daily workouts

A sedentary lifestyle partially contributes to heart disease and heart attack as well. Lack of activity and proper exercise often doesn’t allow adequate oxygen flow in the body. It can also affect the proper blood flow that in turn might also result in heart ailments.

  1. Cut on the extra weight

Recently, there have been several instances of heart attack or heart ailments resulting from obesity.  The best way to curb this down is by reducing your excess weight drastically. You don’t need to get into heavy exercises. But a brisk walk for 30 minutes every day is an excellent place to start.

  1. Quit smoking

It is a no-brainer! Everyone knows that smoking causes lung diseases. And since the heart and lungs have related functions, it gradually weakens the heart muscles as well.

Prevention is always better than cure! Sometimes, when you exercise healthy practices as discussed above, you can avert heart ailments to a great extent. Even if heart ailments run in your family, you can curb it down through medical help and precautionary measures.


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