Tips for Tiny House Security

November 23, 2022

Tiny house security is important if you do not want your house to be taken away or broken into. Learn about tiny house security so that you know the steps to take to protect your living place.

Five Tips for Tiny House Security

The way that you secure a tiny house can be different from the way that you would secure another type of home. Security steps must be taken, though, to make sure that such a house is not broken into or stolen.

Install Security Cameras

Security cameras can be used by any homeowner, and they can help you know what is happening at your tiny house when you are not home. Find an affordable locksmith to set up a camera system for you, and use the cameras to make sure that no one is getting close to your house or trying to figure out a way of breaking in or taking it away.

Remove the Wheels from the Trailer Your House Sits On

When it comes to tiny house security, one of the most important things to do is make the house difficult to move away from. You might take off the wheels on the trailer that your house sits on and replace those with blocks or stands. If you don’t want to take the wheels off, you can purchase locks for them or a device to put over the trailer hitch to make things difficult for thieves.

Park Your House in a Safe Area

When you build a house, you build in an area that is known for its safety. When you park your tiny house, think about the area where you are putting it. If crime is common in the area that you are considering, think about going somewhere else. If you own the land where you are positioning your house, consider putting up a fence all around the property’s border.

Put a Good Lock on Your Tiny House’s Door

Your biggest concern is that someone will take your house away, but you also need to secure the doors on the house to protect all that is inside. Find an affordable locksmith to put good locks on the doors of your tiny house, and consider using smart locks for extra security. Always lock your doors when you are not at home and when you are inside your home.

Learn Which Neighbors You Can Trust

When you make relationships with those in your neighborhood, those people will automatically watch over your house. Learn who can be trusted in the houses surrounding your property. Let those you trust know when you are going to be away from your house for an extended period so that they can watch for anything suspicious, and consider offering to let friends stay in your house when you are gone.


Your tiny house can be secured. You shouldn’t have to be concerned about losing it or anything that you keep inside of it. With these tips you will be able to protect it when you’re there and when you’re gone.

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