Six Tips to Improve Your Basement Window Security

November 23, 2022

Basement window security can make or break an entire home, but many homeowners don’t consider this an essential piece of the construction puzzle. A well-constructed window will go a long way toward preventing burglars from entering your home undetected and busting open your walls. If you are trying to build up your basement security, you want to ensure that you don’t overlook any doorway to your home. Basement windows tend to be quite strong, and burglars struggle with them much more than other points of entry. This is why windows are important in the general security of your home, as they pose a serious challenge for potential intruders. 


Here are some tips that can help improve your basement window security:

Add Window Bars and Grates

Basement windows are the most common entries used by burglars to enter houses. Adding window bars and grates will close up potential entry points other home upgrades might overlook. These can be purchased at hardware stores, but they are also easily DIY-ed by anyone with some know-how. Window bars can be purchased in various lengths and configured to allow maximum light while excluding intruders. Grates are commonly installed above basement windows, though they can also be installed inside. They effectively prevent intruders from seeing around your windows and coming up behind you, making it much harder for them to gain entry into your home.

Consider Window Decals

Window decals are one of the simplest and most effective ways to boost the security of your basement windows. Even if a burglar doesn’t realize that bars and grates cover your windows, he can easily tell by the decals that windows don’t have bars. A burglar will naturally target unbarred windows instead of trouble spots with bars. A residential locksmith can help you find decals that match your windows and are also designed to be resistant to scratching and ripping.

Reinforce Safety With Window Locks

Standard window locks are designed to keep windows from opening too far, stopping burglars from reaching inside and unlocking the window. These are invisible to burglars but can still be broken with enough force. You should consider replacing these with burglar bars that run along the interior of your window and prevent intruders from kicking in your window. Additional bars can also be installed around windows that open. Residential locksmiths can help you find a safety solution that fits your home without altering the aesthetics of your home.

Install an Alarm System

A full-fledged alarm system can be incredibly expensive and require professional installation, but investing in one of these will greatly augment your basement window security. Intruders are not likely to break into a home with a loud and piercing siren going off, so installing an alarm is one of the best ways to prevent a burglar from ever breaking into your home. If an intruder does manage to break in, a loud alarm will almost certainly force him to flee. Local burglar alarm companies can help you find the right system for your home and offer expert installation services.

Use Security Film on Your Windows

Security film is designed to keep burglars from breaking your windows in the first place. The material is strong enough to prevent simple break-ins, but it isn’t strong enough to prevent a burglar from kicking, punching, or shattering your window with an object like a rock or brick. You can buy security films designed for your budget at any hardware store, but a DIY security film is also possible. You need to purchase the necessary materials and follow the easy instructions.

Install Solar-Powered Motion Sensors

Motion detectors are one of the best ways to ensure that intruders won’t get into houses through basement windows. The motion sensors will work when they detect human movement and beep locally so you can determine that an intruder is present in your house.


Burglars aren’t uncommon in our society, but you can take steps to improve your basement window security. Doing so will make it harder for them to enter your home and cause a great deal of confusion for the burglars that do break in. I hope these tips have been helpful, and I look forward to hearing from you if you have used any of these ideas to prevent burglary.

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