The Surprising Trick That Will Make You Feel Younger

November 4, 2018

There is no miraculous key to staying youthful forever, but there are steps you can take to keep the aches, pains, and aging problems at bay. Better yet, you can practice the technique enough, so that you are brimming with energy and joy. The surprising trick that will keep you feeling young and chipper is grabbing a spool of yarn, a pair of needles, and then knitting something new.

If you have yarn and knitting needles in your house already, you should go to the website Yarnspirations to follow one of their free and easy patterns for clothing like socks or scarves. Try something simple without too much detail or too many materials for your introduction into the hobby. The website is also an excellent yarn shop that you can use to order any tools that you need for when you start or for when you inevitably run out. They have a wide range of yarn brands, colors, and fibers for you to pick out specifically for your patterns, so you can get Caron yarn online for beginner projects like a seed stitch beanie, a great beginnings hat, a ridged cowl or, a bold stripes scarf.

The reason why the hobby will help you feel younger is that it can ward off common physical and psychological ailments that come with aging. One of the unexpected health benefits of knitting is preventing aches and pains from conditions like chronic arthritis or tendinitis — this is because it strengthens the finger joints by encouraging the build-up of cartilage and protects them from the strain. For anyone who already has joint-pain, they can use bigger needles and do the activity in shorter spurts. Another wonderful perk is that it eases stress, improves memory, and betters cognitive function, which are all factors that can hinder the symptoms of psychological problems found in the elderly like Alzheimer’s disease and depression. It is a superb mental exercise that keeps the brain active and sharp, in a similar way that swimming or jogging will maintain your physical fitness.

The crafty activity could be more than a technique to feeling younger, it could be the secret to living longer as a senior citizen — one 104-year-old woman credited knitting over two-hundred hats a year for charity to her wellness and impressive age. She claims that the caps keep her hands busy, so she always has a goal to accomplish and a new project that she looks forward to tackling. People often have a difficult time adjusting to retirement because their schedules are devoid of the routines and ambitions of work. A daily exercise is a perfect way to bring purpose and fulfillment into your life, without adding any unnecessary stress.

If you prefer solitude, you can practice knitting by yourself and if you long for company, join a local knitting group to bond with like-minded strangers. You can finish your projects, share your ideas, and expand your skills, all while being the social butterfly. You will have so much fun at these get-togethers, that you will end up feeling like a kid again.

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