How To Protect Your Valuables At Home

November 13, 2018

Are your valuables protected in case of a break-in? It is something we should not need to worry about, yet as thieves continue to become smarter, keeping the home protected can prove to be increasingly difficult. However, if a thief was able to gain access into the home, did you know there are ways to protect your valuables?

Here, you will discover some of the best ways to protect your valuables at home to give you great peace of mind:

Hiding your valuables in plain sight

This might sound like the worst thing you can do but hiding your valuables in plain sight can actually be pretty clever. There are a lot of security storage options on the market, which look just like everyday items. For example, you can purchase valuable storage which looks just like a book. So, it could easily be stored in your bookcase and thieves would be none the wiser.

Known as diversion safes, they can prove to be great at outsmarting thieves. You could even store expensive valuables like diamond engagement rings in safes, which look like tins of food. So, why not take a look at the types of diversion safes out there to protect your valuables today.

Consider storing them in the loft

Another useful tip,is to consider storing valuables in the loft. Think about it — when a burglar comes into the home, the last place they are going to want to venture into is the loft. Once they are up in the loft, there is not an easy escape route, which means they could end up stuck. So, only very brave thieves would risk going up into the loft, especially if it does not have easy access.

Making the home more secure

As well as making sure your valuables are hidden, it is also a good idea to make the home more secure. That way, your valuables will be even better protected. Experts recommend investing in a five-lever mortise lock on the front door. This is much harder for thieves to break into compared to the standard single Yale locks.

Overall, keeping your valuables safe in the home is easy if you follow the tips above. The key is to ensure they are hidden, ideally in various places around the home. That way, they will be really difficult to find. The worst place you can store valuables is in your bedroom, so be sure to avoid the common hiding areas such as your drawers and under the mattress!

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