Dermal Fillers: Basics, Popularity, Function, Results, And Benefits

November 14, 2018

Considering the world’s obsession and fascination with eternal agelessness and youth, men and women equally from the world over are choosing every form of dermal filler which is basically an injectable that can keep the signs of aging at bay. Troughs, depressions, wrinkles, fine lines or any other flaw for that matter can be eliminated or reduced right away.

Its Popularity

As per a study conducted in 2016 by the plastic surgeons of the American Society about 15.4 million injectable methods had been carried out alone in the USA. Considering the widespread demand, an array of chemical injectable which is also known as minimally invasive cosmetic technique are now accessible which you can select from.

Its Function

With regards to dermal fillers, there are two things: Botox and rest

  • Botox- This can help in preventing wrinkles and lines from appearing via freezing the facial tissues. The Botox will work on parts of the face which are smooth while at rest and will show symptoms of aging only with movement. But if the wrinkles and lines appear despite one’s displaying facing expressions this treatment may fail to work.
  • Rest- As per the chemical makeup concerning the various forms of fillers, the dermatologist will suggest a particular compound for the lips or face. The filler will work for replacing the depleted elastin and collagen levels in the skin and may stimulate the rejuvenation as well.

Results and Effectiveness

Dermal fillers in most cases last somewhere between 3 months to 1 year post which touch-ups may be required for maintaining the look. There are a couple of factors which can affect the results namely:

  • Type of filler as well as its chemical composition
  • Its volume used
  • Experience and expertise of the dermatologist conducting the treatment

The Different Types Explained

Take a look at the different types of dermal fillers and its benefits:

  • HA (Hyaluronic Acid) – This type of filler is safe to use chiefly because this compound is akin to that which the body produces naturally. Along with providing a smooth appearance to the skin, HA will also help in lubricating the joints. The moment HA is injected in the wrinkles and lines, it will add in the facial tissues some volume and contouring to clear away the aging signs. HA is effective for parts of the skin which are extremely thin such as the parentheses surrounding the nose and mouth. This filler is extremely popular as it helps in stimulating the natural collagen production. And it is this factor which makes HA quite effective particularly because this compound functions like a sponge for absorbing fluid thereby showing smoother skin. The effect of this filler is likely to last somewhere between 6 months to 1 year.
  • Synthetic Dermal Filler- Taking into consideration the growing demand for an injectable, today synthetic fillers are available in various types which promise to erase the aging signs. Each of these utilizes a different chemical which works uniquely for giving a youthful appearance to the skin. Being synthetic it may show some side effects. Most importantly if you are not satisfied with the outcome, a surgical help may be required for reversing the procedure. Take a look at some of the most popularly used synthetic fillers and its benefits,
  1. Calcium Hydroxylapatite (Radiesse) – It is used in dental fields and facial reconstruction. Though created biosynthetically, this product mimics a compound which is produced by the body naturally. Its effects may last up to 12 months.
  2. Polylactic Acid (Sculptra) – This filler will help in stimulating the creation of new collagen within the skin. It is biodegradable in nature, so regular touch-ups are required for lasting effects. Depending on the extension of wrinkles and lines, the dermatologist will decide the total number of sessions required.
  3. Polyalkylimide (Aquamid) – This filler will help to induce collagen for building around itself naturally. Being biocompatible and semi-permanent it will not react with the human tissue. The best part this is radio transparent. Compared to other fillers this has a higher lasting effect.
  4. Polymethyl Methacrylate Microspheres (Bellafill)- This treatment will provide semi-permanent results which means the need for touch-ups now and then.
  • Collagen Dermal Fillers- The natural layer collagen is present under the skin which keeps it smooth and as well as sans signs of aging. The erosion of elastin and collagen cause wrinkles and lines to develop, so doctors initially made collagen from the bovine sources which were quite close to the natural human compound. But prior to trying this treatment, an allergy test needs to be done. Today scientists have created a synthetic version of collagen filler which acts like the compound that is produced in the body yet last longer.
  • Autologous Dermal Fillers- It is made from tissues of every individual patient. No wonder it rarely has any adverse or allergic reactions which means it is safe to use. Some common options here include,
  1. Microlipoinjection/Fat Injectables- This is used as an anti-aging treatment. Post application of local anesthesia on the thighs, buttocks or belly, the doctor will harvest fat cells through a thin needle. After this the cells will be processed and purified. On the next session, the doctor will carefully place the fat cells into the forehead, lips, under the eyes or hollows of the cheeks. Fat injectables though effective and safe are semi-permanent. This is because with time the body will start absorbing the fat cells which means the need for follow-ups frequently.
  2. Vampire Facelifts/Platelet Rich Plasma- These facelifts are derived from one’s blood for creating an injectable compound which can reverse the aging signs. Its effects will stay from 1 year to 1 and a half During the initial stages, one may require in taking 2-5 sessions that are spaced within 4-5-week intervals. This whole treatment will take about an hour from the harvesting. For effective results, the doctor will use a micro-needle to inject the serum. It will repair the worn-out elastin and collagen layer for rejuvenating for producing new cells.

Prior to using any dermal filler consult a professional dermatologist who can guide you all through the process of selection.

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