How Not To Go Broke During The Gift-Giving Season

November 15, 2018

The amount of money one spends on gifts varies greatly, but the average totals to around $600. That might not seem like an outrageous amount, but other data shows that 64% of parents admit that they overspend during the holidays. Some people even need to resort to using their emergency funds for the gifts. If you want to avoid this kind of development, you need to start saving money in advance, plan your gifts, and choose practicality:

Three Tips On How To Give Awesome Gifts On A Budget

1. Plan your gifts early in the year

You know exactly when the Christmas season is, so you have no excuse not to prepare for it in advance. Start thinking about what to give and whom and add those items to your wish list. This will help you get notifications of discounts and allow you a chance to catch a great deal long before the black Friday.

Even if you do not find any good discount during the ear, you will be able to plan an accurate gift budget when you know exactly how much the items cost. Armed with this information, you can calculate how much you need to set aside every week/month to afford all the gifts you want. Saving a small sum at a time will prevent you from overspending and ending the holiday season in debt.

This kind of planning will also help you ensure that you pick a perfect gift for every precious person you have. The best time to start writing a list is right after Christmas, as you will be able to analyze the reactions to this year’s gifts.

2. Make gifts very personal

The value of a gift is not determined by how much it costs, but by the feelings it evokes in the receiver. This means that you can give amazing gifts even on a shoestring budget. You simply need to choose for something that has a deeply personal touch.

The best options for such gifts are handmade items or things with personalized management. If you are looking for something practical, you can customize or make a DIY journal or a photo frame. Personal photo albums make the best Christmas gifts if you want something that will be treasured and remembered. You can take that personalization further by presenting your loved ones with a gift certificate for a custom album.

Engraved jewelry, watches, and similar items are all personal due to the message. However, they are also expansive and making these by hand requires a lot of skill and practice. Albums and notebooks, on the other hand, are easy to craft even with minimal experience. You can also consider personalized coupons, but that’s not the kind of gift that will work for anyone.

3. Give gifts in bulk (when applicable)

They say it is the thought that counts with gifts and it is definitely true. When working on a shoestring budget, you can put that principle to test and present some groups on your gift-giving list with ‘bulk’ gifts.

For example, buy mugs in bulk and decorate each with a personal message for your colleagues. You can personalize such gifts with cards.

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