Gozo, A Jewel of Relaxation

November 16, 2018

While any time in Gozo is absolutely perfect, the winters can get a bit chilly for those who prefer hot summer days. However, if you look at the big picture, you see something entirely different. The temperatures are not that cold, averaging about 25 degrees Celsius, which is perfect weather for a long leisurely hike or a picnic on the beach.

In fact, some divers even find it a perfect temperature for probing the seafloor along the coast to explore those shipwrecks that have become some of Gozo’s biggest attractions. If it’s relaxation you are after, spring is the best time to visit if you want to already get the benefits of some warm hours, while it is still chilly in the rest of Europe.

Gozo Is Quickly Becoming a Hotspot for Holidaymakers

It has only been in recent years that holidaymakers from around the world have discovered this jewel in the heart of the Mediterranean. With Malta, Gozo’s sister island by which the nation is named, blooming as a financial epicentre in the Mediterranean, an increasing number of tourists are beginning to learn about the Maltese archipelago and the treasures which lie waiting for exploration.

No, you won’t find diamond or gold mines on the island of Gozo, but the treasures you will find are those worth having. You will find one of the most idyllic destinations for a relaxing holiday with just enough activity to keep you busy, but not enough to take away your serenity. This is the main reason why so many people from around the globe visit Malta for business but take time away to relax in Gozo.

What Is the Allure of This Hidden Gem?

Upon departing Gozo, many travellers say that there is something in the air. Even in other seasons of the year, it’s like taking a breath of fresh spring air simply because of the atmosphere. The people are friendly, in fact, many travellers have said they are naturally “warm and inviting.” While there are many world-class restaurants, especially in the capital, Victoria, Gozitans don’t seem to pay any greater attention to foreign dignitaries than they do to the common traveller.

Everyone is family on Gozo and their rich culture steeped in a strong religious background is perhaps the reason for the emphasis on family. Even so, that isn’t all there is to this amazing little sister to Malta. There is so much more to attract visitors from all walks of life.

Spring Is a Wake-up Call

When all the plants begin blooming in spring and nature awakens from months of rest, the land itself seems to call out to rise and shine from the fast-paced, robotic lives we seem to drift through in this hi-tech world of the 21st century. As artist and poet and satirical author Edward Leer wrote to a friend in 1866:

“…Its coast scenery may truly be called Pomskizillious and Gromphibberous, being as no other words can describe its magnificence.”

And newcomers to this day marvel no less at the splendour of the majestic cliffs, the panoramic views of the Mediterranean, and the startling beauty of the flora and fauna living on the land and in the sea below. It’s hard to sleep through such wonders, so if you find yourself floating through life, a spring holiday in Gozo may be just what the doctor ordered.

A Time of Pageantry

As mentioned, the Gozitans are a highly faithful group and Holy Week plays a huge part in who they are as a people. From re-enactments of the Last Supper and Crucifixion through to the traditional Catholic Services of service held during these days, a springtime visitor will get to witness first-hand just how important faith is in their daily lives.

Many villages throughout Gozo wait until May to hold their annual festa, but the Holy Week pageantry is nothing short of spectacular for those who have never witnessed a faith that runs so deep within the community. Of course, there are Christians in every nation on earth, but few have built their very culture on the foundation of their faith, as does Gozo.

Popular Spring Attractions in Gozo

Any time of year is perfect for strolling the streets of Victoria, ir-Rabat as the locals call it. While wandering down the narrow alleys, take time to view the amazing architecture, which is a blend of various eras evidenced by the ornate buildings you’ll see lining the way. From gargoyles to angels, many buildings have unique ornamentation to doorways and stairwells throughout the city.

It may be too chilly for swimming, even in the warm Mediterranean sun, but divers still find that the waters near the coast are comfortable enough to explore underwater caverns, caves, and shipwrecks covered in algae and now a breeding ground for various aquatic species. Have you ever seen a seahorse up close? It is said that mystical Gozo is the place to find one, even on your very first dive.

Perhaps it’s in the natural beauty of the island that makes it a jewel of relaxation, but for whatever reason, spring is a time for renewal and why so many holidaymakers are choosing this as their favourite season of all in Gozo. If you are planning a springtime holiday, you might want to put Gozo at the head of the list of places to visit after a long, cold and blustery winter. Gozo will warm your heart like sunshine on a summer day.

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