Going Around the Beautiful Island of Gozo on a Tuk-Tuk

November 16, 2018

Are you up for a one-of-a-kind adventure around Gozo? Are you planning to discover the island’s less travelled destinations? If you are, going on a tuk-tuk tour is perfect for you.

What Is a Tuk-tuk?

A tuk-tuk is a three-wheeled motorized vehicle designed for rough road travels. It can go where normal air-conditioned taxis can’t go. You’ve probably heard about tuk-tuk from travellers who’ve visited Asian countries, especially Thailand, Cambodia, and the Philippines. But here’s the good news! Tuk-tuk can’t be found in Asian countries only. If you’re in Europe but isn’t ready to venture as far as Asia yet to ride a tuk-tuk, you can visit Gozo instead. The island offers one of Europe’s extraordinary tuk-tuk rides.

The Stops

In Gozo and Malta, a tuk-tuk tour will take you to the island’s less-known destinations while still enjoying the style and comfort of the trip. The only tuk tuk service in Gozo is Yippee Malta. The following are the stops and places you can visit:

  • Xewkija – This is Gozo’s oldest village. Its distinctive landmark is a rotunda that’s actually circular church right at the heart of the village. The rotunda is a 20th century church for St. John the Baptist.
  • Sannat – Here you’ll enjoy the breathtaking view of the rugged landscape of Sanap Cliffs and watch the sunset at Xlendi Bay.
  • Ix-xlendi – The diving spots of Ix-xlendi boasts of their stunning reef formations, which makes it a perfect destination for newbie divers. Or if you don’t have time to dive, take a hearty meal at the restaurants and cafes that abound in the beaches.
  • Fontana – True to its name that means spring, Fontana is a small village that has a continuous supply of freshwater. The most popular attraction is the washhouse where locals do their laundry.
  • San Lawrenz – Do you want to experience a traditional Gozitan life? If you do, visit the village of San Lawrenz. The village has three hills surrounding it—Ta’ Għammar, Ta’ Dbiegi, and Ta’ Gelmus. This is also the location of Kempinski San Lawrenz, a five-star hotel that offers luxurious spa and holistic health treatments, on top of the usual hotel services.
  • Għarb – This is Gozo’s most westerly village. It is also the oldest with unearthed archaeological items that date back to the Bronze and Neolithic Age. You can find here the island’s leading manufacturer of traditionally made knife, the Sikkina ta’ l-Għarb.
  • Marsalforn – This is a popular destination for both local and international summer destination with its white sand beaches.
  • Victoria – Also called Rabat, Victoria is Gozo’s capital. Be sure to visit the Archaeology Museum and the Citadella to discover the rich heritage of the place.
  • Xagħra – This is the location of the island’s UNESCO World Heritage site, the Ggantija Temple. If you like to taste traditional Gozitan food and wine, you can visit Ta’Mena Estate.
  • Nadur – Derived from the “Nadara” the Islamic word for lookout, Nadur plays a pivotal role as a defence fortress with its watchtowers – the Ta’ Kenuna Tower and Dahlet Qorrot Tower.

The Tuk-tuk Ride Experience

A tuk-tuk tour will surely be an awesome and unforgettable experience because it will take you to Gozo’s farflung urban areas. It will start and end at Mgarr Terminal. You can choose to join a half-day tour, either a morning or afternoon trip. Or better yet, choose a full day all-inclusive tour.

On board the tuk-tuk, you can enjoy free access to WiFi. Plus, the driver can serve as your tour guide, which means you can get a lot of insider tips on how to get around the island. While going to your next destination, they can walk you through the island’s history, culture, and tradition.

A tuk-tuk tour can also accommodate people of all ages, including children and senior citizens. You can also customize your tour for your friends or family members. Although a tuk-tuk is an open-air vehicle, it actually has a cover that’s effective enough to protect passengers from direct sunlight and rain.

Adventure Begins Where Fun and Thrill Meets!

Although tuk-tuk tours service is just a recent innovation, this kind of ride is actually becoming more and more popular. And it is slowly taking the spotlight of the island’s tourism industry because it promotes other off-the-beaten-track attractions of the island.

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