Hiking Essentials: Things You Absolutely Need On A hike

November 19, 2019

Have you felt guilty of forgetting things when going on an adventurous hike?

Well, as a novice hiker, you are bound to commit mistakes and often forget some important things to be carried along. All thanks to the excitement each trek brings with it!

The fact that we are used to the availability of certain things around us must not be neglected. So, if you want to spare yourself from landing in an unnecessarily tricky situation, you must make it a point to be well-prepared in advance.

To help you through this, we have prepared a list of hiking essentials, which you must carry with you, so as to avoid any inconvenience. Read on to know:

Food And Water — The Ultimate Savior

Forgetting to carry any food and water or carrying less food and water is one of the most common mistakes made by hikers. This might aid in keeping your backpack light, but proves to be harmful in the long run. When you are hiking, your body dehydrates due to perspiration and proper hydration cannot be forsaken in these conditions. Hence, it is advisable to always carry a water bottle and sip small amounts of water in between your hike.

Besides, you must also keep some food items with you like dry fruits, nuts, energy bars, and fruits along. These will help you keep going. Do not wait to get hungry and then grab a bite, as you will slow down and fatigue shall start settling in. 

Alongside, do carry a plastic bag for storing the waste so that you can dispose it off later. 

Sun Protection

Never skimp on sun protection since you will be exposed to the sun rays at all times and these are exceptionally powerful at high altitudes. Besides a cap/hat and sunglasses, make sure to apply and carry a sunscreen with you in order to prevent yourself from unwanted tanning and sun burning. 

Hiking Gear And Essentials

When we talk about hiking gear, this includes everything from shoes to a mere flashlight. 

Invest in good quality, comfortable shoes that provide support to your feet and are designed specifically for hiking. These are the make or break of any adventurous trip. You would not want to hurt your ankle or your feet, would you? So, if you are more susceptible to sprains, more support is better.

A backpack is your constant companion when going hiking. Keep it light and organized. With light, we do not mean that you give up on things, but that you should not carry unnecessary items that might burden you. Choose a backpack which is durable, light, and will keep you less sweaty on the back. Poor quality and inexpensive backpacks are both burdening and bruising so, choose a good one wisely.  

You can rely on 5.11 tactical for some of the best backpacks. They are known to provide the best tactical gear and 5.11 belt, holsters, and pants are a few best selling pieces to mention. 

In case it gets dark while coming back from the hike, you must have a torchlight or a flashlight handy. In emergency situations, it can prove to be a lifesaver. Alternatively, you must also carry a matchbox or lighter so that you have something to light a fire with in case you plan to relax somewhere. 

A first aid kit with some bandages, ointments, and medicines should occupy a small space in your backpack. You never know when a small mishap might knock on your door hence, it is better to be prepared. 

A swiss knife proves to be handy whenever you are traveling and especially when hiking. Lastly, make sure you carry something to call out for help and a whistle is perfect in the case of any emergency. 

Now that you have a list ready for any future hikes you undertake, refer to it and keep things ready well in advance. Apart from the aforementioned things, a hand sanitizer is something that should always accompany you. 

Do not forget to enjoy your time and do some soul searching when you are so close to nature. Happy and safe hiking!

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