Tips To Choose The Perfect Engagement Ring

November 20, 2019

Before you decide to embark on a journey of togetherness, the most important thing you have to do is select a perfect engagement ring for your partner. But the process of choosing the perfect ring is not as easy as it seems. There are many things that you have to take care of before you go in for the perfect one. Knowledge about different cuts, metals, and prices are prerequisites. Buy engagement ring in Saudi is almost a cakewalk since you have so many options in front of you. Saudi also offers online markets for shopping engagement rings. You can always buy engagement rings from online shopping centres. There is a wide and competitive market. Various price ranges and designs are available. Online shopping centers can be trustworthy and you need not fear any fraudulence. You can also know more about different types of rings and their significance through online shopping centers. 

Listed below are the conditions that you have to mete out to buy the perfect engagement ring

Know The Size

No matter how precious or beautiful the engagement ring is, if it does not fit, then it is not worth the effort or money. Hence, it is very important to know the size of the finger. You can borrow the ring that he/she wears, to get the measurements. To measure the correct ring size, go for the final ring fitting when you are calm and your body temperature is normal. This is important because there can be slight changes in your size depending on the time and weather. If your partner has short and wide fingers, buy rings that have long stone designs like an oval or marquise cut stones, so that fingers would look long and slender. If your partner’s fingers are long, choose a ring that has small stones but with wider bands. Stone designs such as round or princess-cut would be a perfect choice. 

Set A Budget

The next important thing that you have to concentrate on is the budget. Deciding your budget earlier will help you to narrow down your choices without being confused. It is always advisable to choose the engagement ring within your price range than going overboard. The price of the ring must be within the affordable limits, so that you will be more comfortable with your spending. Once you set your budget, carry on with purchasing the engagement ring suits your budget. While platinum is the most beautiful and durable metal, it is also the most expensive metal. Thus, you can always opt for a similar-looking white gold. Yellow gold and rose gold are also affordable. There are also flexible payment options to make your purchase more affordable. Some of them even offer 12 months financing offers that are subject to credit approval.   

Set The Style 

Setting the style of the ring is very important. Always choose the style that would complement your partner’s current jewellery tastes. Choose the ring style depending upon whether your partner’s preferences are vintage, traditional or contemporary. You should also have an idea about whether your partner prefers vibrant, colourful pieces or understated, austere styles.   

Stone Color

A ring becomes perfect when many criteria are met. One such criterion is the complexion on her finger. In order to determine the stone, you should consider the skin tone. If she has a cool skin tone, then always go for a stone color that will have a contrasting appeal on her skin. In such cases, emerald, sapphire or amethyst. If she has a warm skin tone, then select bright or warm colored stones like aquamarine, topaz, ruby or peridot. If you are unsure about the skin tone, you can always go for a diamond ring, since it suits all varieties of skin color. You should always compare moissanite vs diamond to get the best one out of the other. 

Know Her Time Period

Every woman has a particular romantic time period she loves the most. It might be Victorian England, Renaissance Italy, Early-Modern France or perhaps Early-Western America. The trick to picking a deeply meaningful engagement ring is to know what kind of era of love she likes the most. For example, if your lover likes the Victorian era, go with a symbolic vintage engagement ring. It will be made of materials and symbols in design that have a long history. They do not make rings like this anymore so you may find that it takes forever to find a jeweler who can actually make a vintage ring for you. So go with those that already knows how!


Checking the quality of the stone is very important. Diamond is now becoming a trendy choice because of its good quality. If you are going in for a diamond ring, always be careful about the cut, carat, clarity and color. A high-quality cut is very essential than weight. The cut that shines the most is the round cut. Princess cuts are also good. Carats look into the measurement of the diamond, its weight rather than size. Since diamonds are formed naturally, imperfections can be seen in almost all stones. So, the clarity indicates the degree to which the diamond is cleared of all external blemishes or internal inclusions. It can be analyzed by approaching an expert or trained diamond grader.  

Choose The Best Metal 

There are a variety of options from which you can choose the perfect metal. Platinum is a good choice for an engagement ring of your dreams. Platinum has a silvery-white shade. In spite of enjoying the status of expensive metal, platinum is one of the sought-after metals for designing engagement rings. It also requires very little maintenance. White gold also has a similar appearance. But it can be allergic to certain skin types, and also has to be re-plated regularly. With a lustrous blush-pink tone, rose gold can be a perfect choice of metal. It is durable and does not require regular maintenance. It is also cheaper than platinum but comes within the price range of white and yellow gold. Yellow gold is the most popular choice when it comes to engagement rings. Its affordability and strength also come to its favor.

Ensure Authenticity 

A certificate is a proof that shows the required statistics of stone, including its clarity and colour, weight, cut, polish and the proportion of the stone. Before buying or selecting a ring always make sure that you get a proper certificate regarding its quality. You can also get advice from experts to fully understand it. A GIA certificate is always recommended. 

A perfect engagement ring can bloom your life like the shining stone that you wear. Grab the best, and give your partner a moment to cherish.

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