Six Ways To Save Money When Buying An Engagement Ring

September 23, 2019

Everyone knows that engagement rings can be quite an investment. While some people see it fit to spend 2-3 months of their salary on a ring, you might have a different opinion on it. There are plenty of proposal ring options out there today in a wide range of prices. More options also mean more competition, thus, lower pricing.

Luckily, there are more than a few ways to save money when buying an engagement ring and we are going to let you in on some of them:

1. Consider Colored Gemstones

An engagement ring does not necessarily have to be a diamond ring — that can be quite expensive. Consider a colored gemstone alternative like a sapphire engagement ring, which can come in a lot of different colors. This way, you will end up saving a lot of money than if you were to buy something with a diamond stone. While it may be hard to make a realistic comparison between diamonds and other gemstones, there are stunning and unique rings out there that you can find for a reasonable price.

2. Be Ready To Accept Some Flaws

One of the ways gemstones are priced is based on their ‘clarity’ — a standard by which inclusions (or flaws) are evaluated. The fewer the flaws, the higher the price. 

Not all flaws are easily noticeable to the naked eye. If it is your first time buying a piece of jewelry with a stone, you might not even notice a difference between a perfect stone and one with a flaw or two. Save some money by buying a stone with a few irregularities.

3. Make It Lighter

Carat weight can impact how large a stone appears and is probably the most popular way people evaluate rings. Jewelers price most of their products based on carat weight. However, most people will not notice a half-carat size difference, so this can be an easy way to save money on an engagement ring without sacrificing the quality of the stone.

4. Sacrifice The Cut

The stone’s cut has the biggest impact on its quality, so you might have to consider this one carefully.

The cut can represent up to a staggering 50% of the price of the stone. When a stone is well-cut, its facets are perfectly positioned for a better reflection of light. In other words, you might save more money going for a lower quality stone cut, however your ring probably will not be as brilliant and sparkly as you would want it to be.

5. Choose A Different Type Of Metal

Aside from the stone, you also need to think about the ring metal. The most sought after ones are made of platinum, although they are the most expensive as well. High-quality white gold can give the same enchanting aesthetic for a cheaper price.

One additional way to save some money is by buying a ring with fancy metalwork. Intricate settings can create the illusion of a bigger stone, adding to the beauty of the ring.

6. Visit As Many Stores As Possible Or Shop Online

If you live in a big city, there is probably plenty of jewelers around you, so your best move is to visit as many as you can and explore all the options and prices they are offering. This way, you can see the rings as they are or even try them out.

Shopping online is one of your best bets for finding an appropriate ring style that is within your preferred budget range. While it is not always best to order something expensive online, this option allows you to spend as much time as you want to look at rings without being pressured to make a purchase.

The Perfect Engagement Ring Does Not Have To Be Expensive

Getting engaged is definitely something to celebrate, but if that celebration comes with the fear of going into debt, it is going to ruin your happiness. Instead of stretching beyond your budget just to get an expensive ring, consider looking for alternatives that fall within your price range and match you or your partner’s personality.

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