Top Reasons to Buy International Travel Insurance for Senior Citizens

November 21, 2018

Different people have different plans for their post-retirement life and one such plan can be traveling to different countries.An obvious reason behind this plan can be their inability to travel in the early years of their lives due to various family and financial responsibilities. If your parents are one of those, who are planning to go on a long international vacation after their retirement, it is your responsibility to tell them the importance of travel insurance.

Your parents are your biggest asset but are available for a limited period of time, thus you must value them. Therefore, buying them international travel insurance is the best gift that you can give them when they are going to a faraway land all alone. Even though no gift can replace the advice that your father can give you and nothing can ever compensate the unconditional love that your mother showers on you. But, it is the responsibility of every child to protect them especially when they are old and buying an overseas travel insurance policy for them is the first step towards it.

Since traveling is one thing that everyone loves irrespective of the age, but like everything else, it also comes with some risk and the risk increases when senior citizens are traveling. A travel insurance policy makes sure there are minimum risks when your old parents are on an international trip all alone.

One reason that most people do not consider travel insurance as a must is, they are not aware of the benefits that it offers. Below mentioned are the top reasons to buy an international travel insurance policy especially when senior citizens are traveling to foreign lands:

  • To bear the medical expenses: Traveling internationally comes with a lot of excitement and fun. But, due to a sudden change in the atmosphere, there can be situations of ill health and it is higher with the senior citizens. Therefore, one must always consider the fact that his/her old parents can fall sick and may meet with an accident while traveling. And such situations become worse when they are all alone especially in a new country. In these conditions, an international travel insurance works as a boon. It is because travel insurance policy cover full medical expenditure of the insured person. Moreover, it also takes care of the cost of transportation of the senior citizens to the nearest hospital.
  • Passport loss: Passport is one of the most crucial documents for every individual.It becomes more important when one is traveling internationally as it is his/her proof of citizenship. If in case the passport of a person gets lost during international travel, he/she may get stuck in the visiting country. Travel insurance takes care of such situations also.
  • Baggage loss: Loss of baggage not only causes one to lose favorite clothes, but also results in the loss of valuable items, travel documents, and holiday currency. Baggage loss can be due to the fault of the staff of the airlines with which you are traveling or can be due to break journey wherein your baggage is not loaded on the new flight during a stopover. However, you can fight against such situations, if you have international travel insurance with you. As a good travel insurance ensures that you get coverage of your valuables, currency, and travel documents.
  • Trip Delay/Cancellation: There can be situations various personal or family problems due to which one becomes unable to carry forward the trip. However, if one is insured with the travel insurance, then he/she needs not to worry as travel insurance takes care of such issues. Moreover, a travel insurance policy provides protection against different situations of trip cancellation such as natural calamities in the traveling country or contagious disease in the nation where you are going for vacation.
  • Cancellation of Flight/ Flight Delay:If the flight with which you are traveling gets canceled due to the bankruptcy of the airlines or because of the bad weather conditions, the insurance company will take care of the expenses then.

These are some of the major benefits that one gets when he/she buys international travel insurance and there are various other small benefits as well associated with it. So, before your parents or grandparents or more precisely senior citizens are traveling internationally, it is safest to buy the travel insurance. It is because a good pack of travel insurance makes travel more smooth and risk-free. Most of the travel insurances are very affordable and one can buy it without a big hole in his/her pocket.

There are many countries which make travel insurance compulsory for travelers, especially for international travelers. It is because one cannot predict what can happen in a foreign land and most importantly when the senior citizens are traveling. So, if your parents, grandparents, or any other senior citizens are traveling internationally make sure they are insured with the travel insurance.



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