How To Keep Your Happy And Positive Vacation Mood Going Even When You Return Home

November 26, 2018

Most people are familiar with the popular saying of “I am in vacation mode”, which typically means their stress and worries have been shut off and relaxation and happiness is settling in. This mode tends to hit either right before you leave for your holidays or the moment your vacation begins, but then it quickly disappears the moment you return home.

So, what if you could keep that good mood going, that positive outlook, and the ability to keep your stress in check on a regular basis without being on vacation? Is there a way to stay in that vacation-mode to a certain extent even long after your holidays have been wrapped up? Let us face it, vacation mode is definitely the healthier state of mind to be in, and it makes each day a lot more enjoyable. With that in mind, here are some ways that you may in fact be able to keep that positive mind-set going after the vacation has ended:

Display Your Photos

There is a good chance that you snapped at least a few photos while on vacation, so now is the time to go through them, pick your favorites, and have them printed. You can display them in the house or in an album if there are too many to frame. You want to be sure they are somewhere that you can regularly see them and remind yourself of how you felt in those moments.

By getting into the habit of displaying your photos after your trip, it will also encourage you to take more photos while you are away so you will have that many more memories to enjoy.

Carry a Reminder of Your Favorite Location with You Through Jewelry

Another tip is to carry a reminder of your favorite vacation location with you through jewelry. Maybe you picked up something special while on holiday that you can wear. If not, you can take a creative approach such as by purchasing coordinates jewelry like the rings, bracelets, and necklaces available from Sincerely Silver. This is a really unique way to pay homage to that destination that stole your heart. You can choose from a variety of pieces and have the GPS coordinates of your favorite place printed right on the piece. Each time you wear the piece or look at it, you will be reminded of that special trip.

You can even start a collection of your own, and create a piece for each destination you visit and really amass an incredible number of pieces. Most of the pieces come in yellow gold, rose gold, or sterling silver, so you can also mix up the look of the items.

Keep Up with the Adventurous Attitude

Often when people are on vacation, they tend to be more carefree and therefore more adventurous. This means you are open to new and exciting experiences that you may typically pass on. Well, this is another way that you can keep the vacation mode going by staying in that adventurous mind-set. Instead of automatically saying no to new things, be that yes person for a change. You never know what kind of things you can discover in your own hometown that will bring joy to your day and provide you with incredible memories.

Learn to Cook the Cuisine at Home

If the cuisine was a big part of what made your vacation so memorable, then there is nothing to stop you from coming home and learning a few dishes yourself. Whether you sign up for a cooking class, buy a cookbook, or just follow a few YouTube videos, learning how to cook some of those tasty dishes from your holidays will instantly transport you there.

Once you do perfect a recipe or two, you can make it a social opportunity and invite friends or family over to experience the cuisine as well.

Explore and Learn More About the Culture

Maybe it was the culture that really made a mark on you while on your holidays. If that’s the case, there is no reason you have to just call it a day and tell yourself the learning experience is over. Why not take it upon yourself to learn more about the culture? You can pick up a few books, watch movies and videos, or maybe even learn the language in the region. If you plan on returning to the destination at any point, this extra learning can help you to appreciate it even more.

Make a Conscious Effort to Schedule Downtime

Another big part of holidays is the fact you are not burdened with responsibilities. You get to just go to bed when you want, wake up when you want, make decisions on the fly, and enjoy a carefree lifestyle. Here is the thing, there is no reason that only has to happen on vacation. You can bring that carefree lifestyle home with you, even if it is just small snippets of it.

One way to do that is to ensure that you are giving yourself enough downtime. Downtime means you do not have to be anywhere or do anything, you are free to do whatever you feel like in that moment. That could be snuggling up on the couch with a good book, strolling through shops and markets, or even going to bed early and catching up on much-needed sleep without feeling any guilt.

Stay Active on a Regular Basis

The final tip is one that helps anyone, regardless of whether you are trying to stay in vacation-mode or not. Making sure that you stay physically active on a regular daily basis will ensure that you stay in a better mood, are able to handle stress and pressure better, and are looking after your body’s physical health.

Vacation-Mode Can be an Everyday-Mode

By using these tips and tricks you may just find that vacation-mode is not something that happens only once in a while, rather it can become your everyday-mode and have you living a happier, more carefree lifestyle.

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