Planning Your 2019 Vacation? Consider A Guided Tour!

December 7, 2018

Guided tours often get a bad rap. Their reputation for overcrowded buses filled with garishly clothed tourists who follow the paddle waving leader from attraction to attraction is so last century! These days multi-day guided tours can be taken the world over and offer expertly curated itineraries, authentic cultural experiences, value for money, security, as well as both free and guided time. What is more, you get to share it all with likeminded companions, some of whom may become lifetime friends. Here are some reasons to consider a multi-day guided tour for your next vacation: 

Take The Challenge Out Of Planning Your Vacation

Sometimes the planning and decision making around organising your vacation can be overwhelming and time consuming. Especially if you are planning to travel to another country, where both language and culture are diverse to your own. Guided tours are crafted by touring experts — they know the destinations and use their local networks to create itineraries based on their regional knowledge (and customer feedback). A guided tour can tick off everything you want to see (and more) on your vacation. 

Group Tour
Group Tour in Peru
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Get More From Your Travel Budget

There is a guided tour for every budget. You can choose a budget tour at one end of the spectrum or indulge every whim on a luxury tours at the other end. Some tours are all inclusive, so you only need pocket money once you are on the tour. On other tours, you can choose the extra excursions you would like to take on top of those that are already included or choose to take some time to explore on your own. Tour costs are split across the group, so the value often gives you more than you can expect when you travel independently. 

Group Tour
Enjoying the Great Wall of China
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You Can Choose Your Group Size

There are so many different styles of touring and you can choose the style that best suits you. If you are a gregarious person who likes to meet new people while you travel, consider traveling in a large group. Some tours have 40–50 people and tour operators are clever at ensuring you get coach time with everyone. Alternatively, you might prefer to be with less people. If this is the case you can choose from a range of small group tours. Some small group tours only have 10-12 people, others over 25. Think about what works for you and not only will you find a tour to match, you will also find likeminded travelers to share your journey with. 

Immersive Cultural Experiences

When you travel on a guided tour you have access to authentic cultural experiences that give you a deeper insight into the places you travel through. Tour operators use expert local guides who have a deep love for sharing their country. The added benefit? Their connections open up special access to attractions or off the beaten track experiences. It might be a restaurant off a quiet lane, a performance in a Viennese palace, or a dinner hosted in private home. This gives you the opportunity for authentic connection with the local people and share aspects of their lives (that is much harder to achieve when you travel independently).

Get More From Your Vacation

It goes without saying that if you travel on a guided tour you will get more out of your vacation. How? Everything is organised for you. You do not have to work out how to get from one town to the next. You do not have to wait in line to get into attractions, nor do you have to stare at the exterior of restaurants and wonder if that is the place you should eat. You get so much more out of your day, because your tour leader has the day mapped out for you. And, if you do have to find your own restaurant for lunch or dinner on the days these are not included in your itinerary, your tour leader will give you recommendations to help narrow the choice!  

The Perfect Balance

You may be thinking that you like the idea of a multi-day guided tour, but do you want to have all your time prearranged? That is understandable. It is nice to have some free time and everyone occasionally needs time to themselves. That’s where a group tour is perfect. You can choose the balance that works for you. Some tours are packed with activities and excursions, others have a blend of relaxed starts or multi night stays in iconic destinations with designated free time for your own exploration.  You have the choice to do it all, or to step away from the group for some me-time. It is still your holiday after all!  

Group Tour
Group tours make hiking holidays possible!
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Travel With Confidence 

You may be traveling on your own. You may want to explore corners of the world that are off the well trodden tourist trail. Perhaps you dream of getting up close to nature and wildlife. A guided tour allows you to do all this with others who are seeking the same experiences on itineraries that have been curated with your safety, security and comfort top of mind. Traveling in a group means you can step out of your comfort zone, take on an adventure or travel to that country that has been on your list for years, but not within reach for you to travel independently for whatever reason. You can do it all on a guided tour!

Group Tour in Morocco
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