Best LED Lights Tips: How to Prolong the Life of the Best LED Grow Lights you Bought

December 8, 2018

Purchasing top LED grow lights is an investment you decided on to ensure that your cannabis plants will grow healthy. Since it’s an investment, of course you’d expect an ROI or return of investment. If you’re growing cannabis for personal use, then the only ROI you can expect is to grow as much marijuana before your grow light gives. To get as much ROI as you can from the best LED grow lights you purchased, you must learn how to care for your grow light and prolong its lifespan. But how exactly do you do that?

Factors that may Shorten the Lifespan of Even the Best LED Grow Lights

There are several factors that affect the lifespan of any LED bulb, including the ones that are serve as the very core of your best LED lights. One of the main factors that degrade LED lifespan is the ambient temperature the bulb operates in. Since using led grow lights to grow cannabis will typically leave them operating for at least 11 hours a day, heat build-up is one of the main problems that even the best LED grow lights will tackle. Even extreme cold will affect the LED bulb’s lifespan. Another problem that affects the lifespan of LED bulbs is the power source and the usage of the bulb itself. One thing that most beginners forget about the use of good LED grow lights is the fact that they must properly consider the power rating set by the manufacturer. Using even the best LED grow lights on a power supply with the wrong wattage will significantly decrease the LED bulb’s lifespan. Similarly, constant turning the LED bulbs on and off will burn out your LED bulb quicker.

Caring for the Best LED Grow Lights: Prolong the Lifespan of your Best LED Lights

Prolonging the life of your LED grow lights is basically just dealing with the factors that shorten its lifespan. The best tips are usually the simplest!

Find the Top LED Grow Lights with Good Heat Management Solution

This doesn’t need explaining. Heat is the number one enemy of all electronics equipment – that includes LED bulbs. So find the best LED grow lights with built in fans and other features aimed to manage ambient temperature. Also, ensure that your LED grow lights will not be exposed to extreme cold.

Use the Right Power Supply for LED Grow Light

To avoid problems with power supply, make sure to follow the power rating as specified by the manufacturer of your grow light. If possible, purchase the best LED grow lights that are dimmable and provides a full spectrum as well as a switch to change between the different ranges in the spectrum. This ensures that you won’t have to alter the power supply as specified by the manufacturer just to get the lighting you need.

Use your LED Grow Light as you would any Electronics

This is the one thing that most people forget – LED bulbs are electronics components too. Use them as you would other electronics and you will surely prolong the life of your LED grow lights.

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