Six Amazing Christmas Gifts For The Travel Lover In Your Life

December 7, 2018

Do you have a family member of friend who is always on the road or on a plane, whether it be traveling to new places or revisiting beloved destinations? This traveler tends to have a carefree, minimalistic personality, so finding the perfect Christmas gift for them can be difficult.
The best gifts for travel lovers are ones that diminish any stress that comes with routine excursions. They also remind the traveler to reflect on the trips they’ve taken. Here are six practical gifts that any travel lover in your life will really appreciate:

1) Travel Adaptor

There are a variety of travel adaptors you can choose from. If the travel enthusiast you are shopping for often travels across the country by car, consider getting them a car charger, so they always have a way to charge their phone. This gift will ease their travels by making sure they have access to directions, music, and a way to contact anyone in case of an emergency.
If they prefer traveling abroad, get them a 3-pole travel adaptor. This is especially useful to travelers who have work or school to complete while abroad. This gift will give them peace of mind knowing they will have the ability to charge their laptop to meet work deadlines while in a foreign place. Customized ones, like the printed travel adaptors from Printkick, will make this gift even more special. You can add the traveler’s name or an uplifting quote about the joys of wandering.

2) Personalized Luggage Tag

A lot of suitcases look alike, which can make searching for the correct luggage on a baggage carousel a stressful process. Gift a travel aficionado with a large, brightly colored luggage tag with their name and other identifying information for easy recognition in a hectic airport. With this gift, a traveler will confidently know which luggage belongs to them and will be assured no other surrounding travelers will mistake the luggage’s ownership.

3) A Travel Journal

A travel journal is great for travelers to write down the details of their trips. From the sights they see to the people they meet, this will give them a way to remember all aspects of their trips and reflect on anything they learned about different places’ culture. You can get them a blank journal, so they can more freely write, or one that includes writing prompts and bucket list sections. Consider getting them a smaller journal that takes up limited room in a suitcase. Giving a travel journal as a gift is also a great way to build a relationship with its receiver. Upon returning home from a trip, the traveler can share the contents of their journal and the experiences they had with you.

4) Backpack

A backpack is an essential item to have when traveling. Select a high-quality one that will endure the busy life of a traveler. Research different styles and types, and consider getting one with multiple compartments so the traveler can organize and have easy access to all of their belongings.

5) Noise Canceling Headphones

Noise canceling headphones allow a traveler to block out distracting fellow fliers around them. Headphones with the ability to connect to Bluetooth let travelers fill the long, tedious hours of airplane travel with entertainment from music and movies without bothering other passengers. This ideal gift for traveling is equally useful when at home. You can select this gift for a traveler with confidence they will get a lot of use out of it.

6) Scratch Map

The traveler in your life may be abroad more often than they are at home. Ensure that they never forget a place they have visited with a scratch map that allows them to visually mark each country they have visited. This is a great gift they can mount in their home and proudly show off.

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