Top Gifts For Your Traveling Partner

August 10, 2017

Choosing the ideal travel gift for your partner is by no means an easy task. For someone who spends most of their time hiking on remote mountain passes or diving for that exclusive underwater shot, finding the right present is indeed a nightmare. After all, as you head off to see the world and have fun and explore together, it are these type of special gifts which go into turning a relationship from a good one to a great one.

If you have prepared and planned ahead, and think big when it comes to doling out gifts, then there is no end to the surprises in store for you to choose from. Romantic things like travel- themed jewelry and artwork can easily relive the pleasures of the time spent together. Some amazing and unique presentation ideas are suggested here, which are sure to get your adventurous traveling partner’s pulse racing in no time at all.

While a designer outfit or a sparkling pair of diamond cufflinks can be a lovely gift, no doubt, for the wandering man in your life, get him something personal. If you really want to make him swoon, think more about the thought, rather than the price tag.

Fire TV Stick

A Fire TV Stick when connected to your HDTV, allows you to stream in a matter of minutes all the entertainment on your fingertips. Though this may sound as a common gift for a frequent traveler, it is easily the most perfect.

Just plug into the hotel’s TV to watch a huge selection of movies, serials, music, games, and more than 15,000 apps. To add to the pleasure, this streaming media stick offers some of the fastest wifi and voice search, in addition to quick and smooth downloading of movies.

Carry On Cocktail Kit

This new and crazy product is sure to make your man’s travel encounters with drinks very memorable and more importantly a lot more fun. The bane of all inflight drinks is that they are more often than not very poorly mixed.

The cocktail travel kit, highlighted here, has all the ingredients, including a bar spoon, to put an end to this shortcoming of all airlines. It allows you to mix up your own Bloody Mary or Screwdriver, while in flight, from the comfort and privacy of your seat. The kit comes with a variety of cocktails in a tiny carry-on pouch.

GoPro Camera

A GoPro camera is the perfect camera for the traveling man. It is shockproof, waterproof, voice activated, and extremely durable, to withstand the most toughest of conditions. The touch display and one button function, makes the GoPro not only very powerful, but easy to use as well.

The crystal clear audio and smooth videos, together with inbuilt GPS, makes a GoPro easily the best utility camera in use. The camera also allows automatic uploads to your phone with the quick GoPro editing app.

Smartphone Lenses

If your loved one is a photography buff, especially while on the move, then these clip- on smartphone lenses will make a perfect gift. A 4 in 1 lens will make macro, fish-eye, ultra wide, and many other different types of lenses. These lenses are a part of the latest groundbreaking technology and tools, which have been recently developed for the ardent mobile photographer.

This clip-on lense will permit you to capture stunning videos from any angle by using a video grip, thereby making the art of mobile photography more enhancing and exciting. Not only that, making good videos and inspiring pictures from your mobile becomes extremely easy.

Say It With Roses

They say, that no matter what the occasion, there is a right rose for the right job. A multi- colored mixed bouquet of roses will always make a welcome surprise. In fact, there is no other flower, which represents romantic love more than the red rose.

A red rose bouquet from Roses Only, with the right foliage and a message card is a beautiful choice to send to your loved one anywhere in the world he may be. A box of red roses, with long fresh stems, especially packed in a designed gift box is sure to leave him speechless.

A wonderful selected floral arrangement of one dozen roses in three different colors with a vase to display the beautiful buds in is guaranteed to make anyone feel fantastic.

Power Station With A Universal Long Lasting Battery

Never let your adoring partner leave on his next trip without a power station. Not only does it eliminate the need of long cables, a power station with a lasting battery can charge all USB devices in no time.

A 6000mAh battery, will provide additional charge and keep your tablet charged for a much longer time. The extra USB port enables charging of two devices at one time, thereby, making charging on the go relatively simple and quick.

An Eye Mask

Get him a pure silk sleep mask that does not pulls at the delicate skin around the eyes, like an eye mask of any other material would do. A pure silk eye mask is strongly recommended by skin experts for its crease resistant properties. If the mask is right, it can get rid or reduce headaches, stress, and even diminish aging

Keyless Bluetooth Padlock

This mother of all locks will let your traveling buddy to keep checked luggage not only safe, but traceable as well. This TSA certified keyless bluetooth padlock is simple and doubles up as a luggage tracker as well, making the baggage safe and locatable.

The lock can be registered on a smartphone app, and by using the GPS facility, it will convey the traveler exactly where the bag is. Comes in handy if someone walks out with the wrong bag or where there are communication issues with the baggage claim department.

Travelers, normally require an arsenal of things to make their travel smooth and easy. Thankfully, the gifts suggested here will make your globetrotting lover give an excuse to come back home sooner!

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